Sunday, May 31, 2009

!st attempt to become 10 years younger

When : 11/4/09
Where : Segambut

My Reebok running shoes been neglected for TWO YEARS! I didn’t exaggerate this.. yes, two years! My stretchable yoga pants been my favorite surirumah pants as long as I can remember!. (oh when will I be able to learn yoga?) Anyway, the point is I didn’t exercise. At all!. It hurts pretty deep when without provocation or anything Iman suddenly said ‘Mummy gemuk’. I was like WHAT?

So when they organized this futsal thing, without thinking I registered my name to play. Well of course there were training sessions but I never made it. Been busy like pekerja contoh yo. Hek eleh… i just wanted to exercise and futsal emm.. might be a good start.

I was not fit at all… most of the other players are aged in different age group than me, 80an gitu.. and being me main mcm org fit and nak menang… tu dia…

before 1st match

right after 1st match, seriously i saw stars and all and wajah menahan nak muntah!

semi, tgk la depa ngan jersey siap nama printed bagai...

menunggu medal.. we made it to the final, lost in panalty kick..siapa sangka kan...

Iman yg dapat medal..

the mainframers!

yes, also melecet dgn jayanya...
motif beg sebagai bg? hahha ala.. beg free eli mags...

The Party @ Atuk Tam's Abode!

Bila : 2 Mei 2009

Sudah lama saya menyimpan niat untuk mengadakan party harijadi Iman di kampung. Saya selalu terfikir, beruntungnya anak-anak di bandar, mudah mendapat hiburan. Shopping mall perkara biasa, giant atau tesco sekurang-kurangnya seminggu sekali, jemputan party harijadi tak putus-putus tak termasuk party di taska atau sekolah. Bila ke party anak rakan-rakan, saya bahagia melihat Iman gembira dan teringin membahagiakan anak-anak di kampong seperti apa yang Iman dapat rasa di sini. Mungkin saya silap, mungkin anak-anak di kampong sekarang juga beruntung. Iyalah, kehidupan sekarang jauh lebih baik dari dulu.

Saya masih ingat jemputan party harijadi pertama yang saya terima, saya berumur 11 tahun ketika itu. Dari Rafidah, kenalan sepasukan bola jarring mewakili Senggarang. Saya datang dengan berbaju kurung merah, corak bunga besar-besar. Saya juga masih ingat, akibat kalah dalam satu permainan, saya dipaksa menari dengan sepupu lelaki Rafidah. Oh, sungguh malu. Tapi kenangan itu lekat dalam hati.

Apabila perancangan sambutan harijadi Iman di PD dibatalkan, saya segera menelefon kakak di kampung dan merancang party Iman di rumah Atuk Tam!. Pesan saya kepada kakak, jemput makcik pakcik dan semua anak-anak sepupu di kampung. Macam-macam yang saya rancang, tapi itulah… tak semua menjadi. Anak sepupu saya ramai yang tidak dapat datang dan walaupun party ini tanpa clown, tanpa snow mousse (ini tunggu entry lain), tanpa sand art sticky paper, tanpa pinata, tapi saya gembira. Saya bahagia melihat makcik makcik saya berkumpul. Saya suka melihat anak-anak menjamah kek. Saya juga gembira anak-anak buah saya yang lain having a good time! Yang paling penting, birthday boy enjoy!

Menu :
• Mak Nab’s signature : Mee Bandung
• Mak Long’s speciality: Dalca Daging Pipi with Roti Apang
• Steamed Mini Cuppies : resepi Mak Nab, decorate with peanut butter and m&m choc milk (Abah’s suggestion sebab tak sempat nak buat buttercream)
• Curry puff : Inti by Mak Lily, dough by Mak Nab, gotong royong with Mak Ani, Kak Zatil and Kak Ija
• Ayam goreng berempah : resepi Mak Miah
• Chicken cocktail sausages sauté with parsley: Mummy’s recipe sbb tak dapat cari dill.
• Refreshing Sarsi: by Mak Nab and gotong royong Abg Epen n Meerul
• Decorations : Lead by Kak Ika, ballons were tiup by everybody manually, yes… pakai mulut!
• Game: Kerosi Beracun (as sebutan Abg Adip) by Abg Epen. Hadiah by Abah

Preparation of the mini, mana gambar pintal karipap?.

haaapy birthday to Iman...bloww... and Mak Wa helping Iman cutting the cake.

his idola.. Abg Apik

Iman and Tina and Mummy

having fun with the kids

kerosi beracun, Iman pun main!

Iman giving gift to Nenek2.... oh I love this pics!

Jalan-jalan VI

When : 4/4/09
Where : SMK Victoria (VI) , Jalan Hang Tuah KL

When Aiman (Iman’s cousin who’s studying at STAR Ipoh) informed he will be at VI for Rugby tournament that weekend, Chenta abruptly agreed to go. Well, rugby is always his favorite sport amongst MANY others. During schooling time, he was a state player, emm you know how cliché Sains Johor and rugby in those days.

Me? Well, I lOVE rugby too. But what makes me love rugby when I actually didn’t know that much about the rules? Just to let you know, I don’t simply love one sports just like that. I need to know the rules, the terms being used in the game, the famous players, the major tournaments etc..etc. But with rugby, it’s different. All I am familiar with are scrum, Jonah Lomu, touchdown or try and 5 points for that, conversion and 2 points, field goal with 3 points, emmm ah, tackles, and no forward passing. What else? But that is ok, I just love to see the players!. They are huge (most of ‘em), fit and emmm.. well, should I say sexy?

For a moment, let’s just go back to the time when names like Ma*l, F*ad and Wak were very famous among girls. What do they have in common except emm.. ok la wajah manis.? Hey, doncha perasan how padu their muscle emm butt were? Hehehe, yes, that’s why rugby is different. In those days, balik dari kompleks sukan, I (we) used to walk behind rugby players to feast our eyes. Heheh

Back to the main story, why did I fancy to join? It’s been ages since I’ve been to any field-sports tournament. And, I was wondering where the fish is the ever famous VI? So there I was, enjoying the long lost sensations of being a player, a captain, being in the team, getting injured.. ah, I just love the atmosphere! And Chenta got to meet his Sains Johor teachers! His rugby coach, chaperon and can you believe that they still do the very same effort coaching students? They have my respect.

iman checking the what do you call this flag? and mocking injured player...

seeing them warming up pon i dah senyumm jekkk

nice shot by Chenta

are they getting smaller or the shorts getting bigger? *frust*

emmm.. menarek kan..

xtvt wajib... tersenyum riang posing depan main VI building

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Party At Kindy

Date : April 30, 2009
Vanue : Taska Hasil

Look! Who's birthday is today?
Its Iman Ghazi's 3rd Bithday!!

Since started schooling early this year, Iman been enjoying every birthday party at his kindy. Everytime when there is one, cheerfully, he will talk about the party non stop in the car. He will sing the song again and again only the names will be changed to his name, Mummy and Abah, as if everybody is celebrating. He will describe the cake, the flavor, who got to help to blow the candles, cut the cake, etc. So I promised myself I will let him be proud and have HIS party!

I was very determine to give my best but works been pressing me hard. I wanted to let Iman do the coloring job but at the end I have to paint all these at 2am! Never mind of that. I love playing with these things. Btw, its been ages since i owned a set of Buncho! Oh how i love Buncho.. and do you like my cute little ladybird?

The next day, during lunch hou, i glued buttons to the frames.

They are for the teachers!! Gambar Iman not included ya. Thats for mummy!

Another project. Gifts for his friends. Why a hangers? Well, i think the kids have had enough of air kotak and sweets. First i was contemplating between apple and hanger but going to ikea is way much faster from my office rather than to chow kit. Another late night works and avoiding friends during lunch hour.


The cake. Just the way i imagine it! Love it. Love it!

Nitzus, thank you for the piccas. you are a rock star!
interested with his work? call me.. hehehe

Iman is so happy that afternoon. that is all matter.

i still cant believed im so lucky to have him. i dont know what good i did to deserve this charming boy. its like god been too generous to me. Alhamdulillah....