Tuesday, March 9, 2010


How much you value your good friends? How do you value them?

Do we need BF? Siapa tak perlu, sila angkat tangan. Ok la, sila tinggal komen. We, women need good friends as much as men need sport channel. No? Well I do! BF keep me sane when life seems too crappy. They listen and care, in many ways.

Dulu pernah di UUM, I walk all the way from Kolej Petro to Mas just to say hello to my good friend, only to be treated coldly for reasons I couldn’t understand. I walk crying all the way back to kolej, and then still sobbing, called my other best friend. I can’t even say a word, I know he didn’t understand what on earth was I crying over but without asking, he came and comfort me.
Recently, I got a message in FB from the cold one saying hi and all bla.. bla..bla. It took me few days to reply because frankly, I didn’t know what say. I just didn’t understand how she value me.

I’m a simple person. I do not need birthday wishes, birthday present, pujian melambung or frequent gathering or sentiasa berbalasan emails. Of course kalau dapat semua tu is a big bonus but I’m trying to be realistic here. Minus the technologies, we work far from each other and we even stay far from each other. All I need is, let put it like this : even if we didn’t have chance to meet for a very very long time, when we got to say hello to each other it’s a sincere one. Yup, that’s it!

Ok, let me ask you, how many times you were late to appointment causing others waiting or even worst, didn’t show up without even bother to call? Do you have special group of BF that you share certain stories only? Do you keep secrets from your BF? Ok la people have secrets, but do you have to lie to your BF?

Jika dulu, may be I will cry sedih sedih sayu sayu if it happens to me, but I think I’m too old for this crappy BF thingy. Hah! Ayat sombong melangit kaedahnya. No lah. I LOVE my friends. And if they like me enough to LOVE me back, the way I do, they are my BF. Come, love me.

What with all this bebelan? Blame the PMS or the cuaca panas (kan Zila kan..). Or saya geram mereka bercerita pasal BFF ni la di sini… ish… tgh fenin nak prepare for UAT esok ni!!!