Monday, June 29, 2009

Jalan-jalan (cari makan) Penang.

When : 18/4/09

Till this very day, I don’t really understand what with Chenta and Penang. Whenever there is RM0.00 flight promotions, he will go crazy with Penang. This time around, I can’t say no, it was his another birthday trip. Eh why didn’t I get any birthday trip? Tak aci kan…

Anyway, Chenta + Penang + Birthday = Food, Glorious Food.

The 1st day ,

9.30 - Nasi Kawah Sg Dua! – lauk pon tak habis masak lagi!
Mee Udang Sg Dua – not yet opened.
1.00 – Jeti area

12.00 - Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu – Dah licin! Pukul berapa org Penang makan nasi kandar?

Iman @ Kg Melayu and checkout how he pose!

1.00 – Pusing-pusing – Balik Pulau, Tropical Fruit Farm at Jln Teluk Bahang, Penang National Park office – lepak saja. Feringgi Beaches – layan rojak buah and ABC

Teluk Bahang

4 -30 - Tune Hotel – tidur ( ada tapau ABC and rojak buah!)
6.00 - Mee Udang Sg Dua


8.00 – Padang Kota - rojak sutun, kerang bakar, tahu bakar, nasi goreng for Iman.
10.00 Tune Hotel, zzzz


2nd day
10.00 checkout
10.30 Nasi Kandar Line Clear!

telur sutun..

11.30 Chowrasta

walk baby...

12.30 Pusing-pusing segala Pantai lagi

2.00 Gurney Plaza – *buck cake and drinks.
4.30 Gurney Drive – layan rojak again, laksa penang, rojak buah
5.30 lepak tepi pantai layan Iman main bubbles

6.00 To airport

My stomach didn’t have chances to feel hungry; I was full all the time! With that much calories and fat intake I think I can survive another weeks without food. I slept all the way from Penang to KL leaving Iman played with his toys all alone. Two days in a row with good food is too much to handle for me but I think Chenta had a blast birthday because I heard him saying Penang again next year.. something.. urrghhhh.