Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hari Jadi 2011 - Gebus

When : 30 April – 15 Mei 2011 tu dia… celebration ½ bulan!

@home: 30/4/2011
On the day itself, I cooked spaghetti with lots of mushrooms for lunch. He didn’t like it and ask for rice instead. Kid nowadays.. I tell you, very demanding. Dinner, we ordered pizza with his fav toppings and Abah gave him present. Happy chap can’t thank his Abah enough, dok kata Abah dia best.

Well, let me share a secret with you. The present was bought 2 years ago, along with many others during mattel warehouse sale. I know, sounds so ‘us’ kan. Masa q nak bayar, one middle aged malay lady behind us put aside one small mc queen and I spontaneously grab and dumped it in our box.

Lady : korang ni anak berapa orang?
Chenta : sorang
Lady : umur berapa tahun?
Chenta : 2setengah
Lady : korang tau tak korang ada masalah?

Us : ????
Lady : shopaholic!

Well, of course we didn’t blame her, we also bought few barbie play sets (kitchen, saloon, bedroom you name it) kiriman rakan-rakan and also for my nieces, they were too cute and cheap to ignore. No, we are NOT shopaholic, we are more like an investor, in fact, I think we’re ok till Gebus’s 8th birthdayJ. As those in the pic, few had been given away as birthday present, some dah bukak but many and esp those big boxes still intact, placed in our magic cupboard. Once in a while Iman will open the cupboard and drool. He knows the rule, only and only Abah can take anything out.

@senggarang: 1/5/2011
Mak Nab cooked lemak nangka with tulang!. Perghh, but this, had nothing to do with the celebration. Itu Chenta yang requestJ. Cake cutting at Atuk Tam’s was happening, thanks to Iman’s cousin and their kids. Ma brought beryani kambing from Muar, collaborated with martabak singapur from Batu Pahat, the simple party instantly became extraordinaire

That night we had another celebration on Abah’s side. Dah macam celebrity pulak. Mak Long cooked mee bandung and bubur jagung. It started late as Apiq and Adib (Iman fav cousins) tak balik-balik dari membeli present di Air Hitam. Those kids never fail to make Iman felt special.

@kl: 15/5/2011
It’s like a tradition for Chenta to belanja his small family in kl during Iman’s birthday. He bought the dim sum buffet coupons during matta fair last March. I baked a choc cake, well birthday party won’t be a party without a cake, right? I whipped cream cheese as topping and cut rio characters from mekD happy meal box and cucuk atas kek along with candles and candies. Iman goes ‘WOW… kek rio!!’. Mommy goes kembang kuncup:)

There… what do you think?

We still owe Iman celebration at school. Been busy yeah, my mistake, I know. But he specifically requests chop stick inside the party pack. Chop stick which I’ve been searching at caref0ur and giant but couldn’t find the ‘proper’ one. They are either too sexy (the drawing that is), too plain or too expensive.
Pardon? trip? nak jugak ke? no la, trip2 tu semua alasan lari dari kerja saja. Semua trip adalah trip Iman juga. But we will see....

Apa pun tak boleh Apa pun, Abah and Mommy love you sayang, beyond words. Semoga yang baik-baik itu semua untuk kamu. Amin.

*jambu adalah fav team Iman dan Abahnya, harap maklum.