Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new chapter in lil Iman’s life

updated: I am a SR kid! katanya!

How’s 2009+1 = 2010 treating you so far? Well for me, I’ll take it easy this year. I forbid myself to feel depressed or pressured with work. I promise to focus and plan things well, be wise. I want to breathe longer and deeper and so far I’m quite impressed with myself. Chewahhh...

The above statement, actually explained why the long silence. I hope you’ll still enjoy reading my posting about xtvties that happened like long long time ago. Ikut suka hati nak pst yang mana dulu..heheheh

When : Jan 15 2010

Where : Jln Duta – Solaris

Well, after much discussion on the why, when, where and mostly budgets, we finally agreed to send him to SR Solaris. If you ask me why SR, the answer would be easy: very near to my office. Tipu la if we didn’t have much expectation from the school but frankly, I just want him to have different routine from last year, so he’ll have different stories to share. You know how witty my boy is.

I was so worried that Iman kena naik van dari jln duta-solaris-jln duta. He is only 3! Still nenen, dah kena naik van pergi school? After few phone calls with Uncle Micheal (the van operator) he finally agreed to do trial session. Here we go:
I explained the whole activities to Iman like zillion times to make sure he understands how he is going to SR. At this point he said ‘mana van ni, saya nak pergi SR’. And earlier, when I picked him at kindy after mandi and all, I was touched when his best friend Najmi, sadly said ‘cikgu, Iman pergi sekolah baru ke hari ni?’. Don’t worry Najmi, Iman will be back by lunch time.

The Van! Laju betul Unc.Micheal ni bawak!
After satisfied and paid everything, we left him there and speed up to Kepong checking out warehouse sale. Biasala kan… heheheh. We then rushed back to solaris, had a quick kuey teow mamak (bawah SR saje), just in time before hearing the kid’s voices from upstairs. I saw Iman happily holding hand with the teacher and said ‘wait, wait’ to his new friends whom running towards the waiting van.

Introducing uncle micheal to the world! Selamat tiba ke kindy semula.

After few words with Unc.Micheal and the teacher, I can proudly say my boy was doing GREAT!. Bravo Iman!. Oh, I heard his friends shouted ‘Iman dah balik!’. Mummy and Abah then set off to MV! Yeay.. dating!!.