Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What kind of blogger am I?

My spirit was that high *pointing to klcc* to continue writing bout my not-so-hebat vacation (but momentous enough for me) until last Sunday. Last Sunday Ezz hosted such a fun party despite the birthday girl was sleeping the whole afternoon. I always love party. Meeting friends and their kids, catch up stories, gossips and stuffs.

Last Sunday was different. We did chat… a lot… and suddenly I heard ‘blogger tegar’. Sorry, but to concentrate on a discussion while eating and keeping your eyes on your kid and all was pretty hard for me. Are they talking about me or my
friend? What was the topic just now? Then I heard Paris…tak larat nak baca…. tengok gambar jek……. Well that’s must be me.

I don’t know but I kind of dislike the word tegar. I don’t want to be known as tegar. I’m not. I write because I wanted to. It gives me self-satisfaction out of knowing that what I write can inspire others, or relates to what other people goes thru. I share because I thought its fun to share. But, am I telling too much? Now I hate my blog. The intellects say, when you write something out in the open, you'd have to be open enough to accept anything that comes your way. Am I ready for this? They are my close friends. God knows what other people out there might want to say about my blog. Syok sendiri…tu pon nak cerita…you know all that sorts.

Then, when Iman expertly and excitedly clicking away the plastic camera toy, they said oohhh look, anak blogger. Now they even have phrase anak blogger. It hits me. Will Iman be happy to what I wrote about him? Or will he hates me for this? You know, what people say or leave online will stay pretty permanent. Scary huh? So the idea of hoping he will not be finding this blog is pretty stupid. Wallaweiiiii that’s pretty deep, isn’t it?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. Its too early for PMS but perasaan begini amat tak best. May be I need my old style strong drinks - coke botol super sejuk.

Eh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad at you, my friends. I’m mad at myself. I still love party…..writing…and all……apada????

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jalan-jalan Disneyland Paris

Date : 2-5 June 2008

I plan to visit Paris since the very beginning of planning the whole London trip. Again, my advisor Chenta said I should go to Paris. You know, when it comes to places he had been to, he will insist advice me to go. Then he will try to influence everybody else in the rombongan to go too. You have been there, I have been there, so we can plan other places we had never been there for other time. Aci? Aci tapi tak best kan. Venice and Paris without him? Emm…so now you know how romantic my Chenta is.

Well, the initial plan was to go by train. But, Topek been busy to arrange, and by the time we said yes we’re going to Paris, the budget flight tickets were way much cheaper than the train. Easy Jet rocks! So as London’s Luton airport with Krispy Kreme.

Luton airport

CDG airport is huge. Our plane parked at the other end of the terminal which is quite farrrr from the train station. Finding the right counter tu buy the train tickets was one thing, finding the right line and coach at the station was devious. Topek and Izyan (oh Izyan is Topek’s friend) tried hard to figure it with the maps, the French signboards, the train schedule and all. I walked straight to a lady in uniform (ntah uniform papa, ketapi ke,,airline ke,) and ask for direction. She is a French Muslim, speaks Ingles well, and just came back from her holiday and guess where? Malaysia!!!!. Am I lucky or not?.

From airport we headed to Chatelet Les Halles station, then change to a different line to Marne-la-Vellee-Chessy which is only few steps away from the Park and the Disney Village. We were staying at Sitting Bull, Hotel Cheyenne, Disneyland Resort. Free shuttle buses are provided from the train station to all Disney hotel

bus to hotel

When once upon a time is now.

As we were staying at one of the seven Disney-owned hotels, the entrance tickets were covered and we gained access to selected attractions an hour before the park opens to the general public. Yeay…..

The kid in me was so excited that I skipped all the way from the security check point to Main Street USA. Eh, mana itu castle? People been writing that the first thing you will see is the beautiful castle. I didn’t see it. It actually wayyyyyy insiiiiiiide the park. Walk Dd…walk…..

cik kiah menonong

akhirnya.... a dream come true.

I always wanted to go on a merry go round. Been jealous to little Sarah all this while. Now is my time…woot woot….

My first ride in the park Le Carrousel De Lancelot, then followed by Dumbo the flying elephant. Glad we did these kids favorite rides thingy early, by noon, the lines were unbearable!

All and all dengan pujukan dan paksaan terhadap my SIL we covered ALL ticked as extremely fun, fun and best rides in the leaflet at all lands. Dasyat tak? All of them were AWESOME except;

spoiler no 1: Space Mountain (Discoveryland)
Oh I hate this ride! It was tough and harsh!. Ok, maybe it was me who couldn’t fit well in the seat. But how on earth are you going to enjoy the force and those small lights that simulate stars and the space-like ceiling with your head kept banging to the seat and the bar in front of you? Sakit nak mampos!! They said put away your glasses and hat, or you may lose them. Should also said : don’t wear tudung licin, u may lose them too. I didn’t lose my tudung, but ggrrrrr I nearly suffocated by it!. If you want to try this, I suggest you do it last, enjoy everything else first.

Spoiler no 2: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril (Adventureland)
It was pretty harmless, but we queued longest time here. And the ride does have loops and that’s it. Few loops and finish! We were like…ha..dah ker?

sanggup queue tu nak jugak....

Around 1.00pm++ we rushed to nearby shopping attraction, La Vella Outlet Shopping Village. This outlet is only one station away from Disney Park.

meonong through the shopping complex

On the right side of the station is the Center Commercial Val D’Europe (shopping complex). We walked through this complex and the Outlet Village is at the end of this building.

Picture taken at the entrance gate and just few steps in I was ready to snap the branded factory outlet stores when a gentleman approached and ask me to switch off my camera. “No picture inside miss”. Ye la…ye la…. Potong betul la. Even at the factory prices, or at least 30% discounts, I still can’t afford to buy anything fun. Jeans are €80++ and above. Yes, CK jeans at RM400 is cheap. Celine small purse at €120, but I don’t have budget for those! Timberland got this crazy sales but they don’t have shoes my size. Demit. All I can afford is a tiny pepper grinder from Bodum.

We went back to Disney Park just in time to catch 4:00pm Once Upon A Dreams Parade! I didn’t know that there are few points where the floats stop and the characters will dance and also might interact with guests. I was standing at one of that points!. Hah!
The grand finale to the entire parade was this giant float featuring four princesses! Beauty and he Beast, Snow White and her prince, Cinderella and her Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty with Prince Fillip on the hillside of glittering crystal chateau. Beautiful!


My Alice Crocs ate me. I got only few hours left so the idea to rush back to the hotel to get my sock was bad! With blistered foot Izyan and I headed to Walt Disney Park. My SIL was too tired to join so Topek accompany her back to the hotel.

We started with Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic
. I love the majesty of full-scale movie sets. They even have this fictional London Underground station used for the burned Reign of fire set. The best part was detour into the Catastrophe Canyon film set where the tram wobbled over the edge of the rock and hundreds gallons of water fly over the roof of the set and into the canyon, missing us by mere millimeters!. Talk about precision…huh.

terkejut daku....cepat2 off camera!

Then we watched Art of Disney Animation at CinéMagique
. This is an action-packed journey through movie milestones from around the world. Starting from black and white and silent era to the productions of Titanic and all. You must go and watch yourself to be blown by the whole movie. I won’t spoil you no more. Enough spoiler…heheheh

Next we joined other extras filming a new effects scene on Armageddon. I enjoyed the fiery blasts and the vacuum effect most. Watch me in Armageddon 2 ok! And if you’re here with small kids, you should avoid this as these two effects are rather intense.

We ended the day by watching High School Musical street performances and the parade. Before that Izyan wanted to try this rock n roll roller coaster. After stupid Space Mountain I cant endure any more pain and suggested she do it alone. But lovely Izyan tak mau. Hope she didn’t blame me, sorry girl, I just had had enough.

We bid goodbye to the staff (kami among the last yang keluar) and headed to Disney Village. Did some crazy shopping again at Planet as t-shirts were on sale! Buy 1 at original price and get others on the sale rack for €5 each. Gila tak? Iman’s cost me more than Chenta’s! Aci? Another damage done at Disney Store. Lagi gilerrr.

Back to the hotel and found both anak beranak tidur! No wonder they didn’t pick up the phone when we rang like zillion times for dinner. End up; Topek n Izyan went back to the village and tapau McD. My first fish fillet in Paris.

What a day! I wish Iman was there. And Chenta too.

next? hahaha.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The UUM Vice Chancellor didnt know that the IPP is actually involved with gas and fuel.
Kesian ada, hampa dan sedih lebih lagi.
Saya termenung memikirkan bagaimana graduan UUM nak berdepan dengan fakta ini.
Saya malu.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jalan-jalan - Venice

I've been stalling and delaying this entry. Too much to tell (macam la org nak baca kan..) and yet I don’t know where to start. I don’t even know how to start. I wanted to do like everyday activities but it seems so common and 17 days means 17 entries? Hah!. Then I thought I might do it like places to places but I was in London then Venice then London again then Paris then back to London..sigh… so how?

Lets do Venice first. Don’t ask me why…I just feel like writing about Venice. and dont comment on the piccas, thats the best i can do about them. malas la...heheheh do click them to enlarge okey.

Three days (27-29 May 2008), will I be able to do Venice the justice she has earns over so many years?. I traveled with people I never travel with before, I can’t assume anything, I can’t aspect anything. Alhamdulillah, by the end of the 3rd day, only few items form my personal itineraries were not been strikethrough. I think I did pretty well.

So, welcome to Venice!!

Piazzale Roma

This is where it all started. We bought the 72hours tourist ticket: E31.00, so the rides were unlimited, including to Lido, Murano and Burano Island!!. Pic were taken at airport, ACTV counter and line 51 to San Marco and Lido.

They said, forget maps!! Forget directions!! Just walk around, nose-up. Venice is a big labyrinth! We don’t even bother to look at our map. The yellow signs are everywhere, teaching us the road to main directions: San Marco, Rialto, Accademia and Piazzale Roma. And at any boat stop we can take a vaporetto to anywhere.

The Hotel : Buon Pesce Lido di Venezia

Thanks to, I found this affordable hotel at Lido Island. Why Lido? Hahh cheaper hotel of course and people been writing about get-to-know-the-locals at Lido. So, why not kan?

Email from the hotel manager:

Dear Mrs. Setam,

Your reservation made through Venere.Com on May 27, 2008 for two nights 1 triple room is confirmed.

From the Treviso Airport take a bus that goes to Venice Piazza le Roma. Then from there, take a boat line 51 that goes to Lido. It will take you for 35 minutes. Once you are in Lido. Take a bus A or B that goes to the hotel and it will take you 5 minutes. The last stop is right in front of the hotel. Thank you very much. Have a good trip and welcome to our hotel.

Best Regards,



Riviera S. Nicolò, 50 - 30126 Venezia Lido (VE).Tel. +39-041-5268599 - Fax +39-041-5260533 email:

Piazza San Marco

This place is just GREAT - surrounded by canals and grand buildings, filled with people, pigeons and music! I love this place especially at night. With the lit up basilica in the darkness, the sound of violins from the open-air orchestras and less pigeons. Such a unique, relaxing and romantic kalau Chenta ada way to end the Venetian evening.

St Mark's Basilica

This gleaming Byzantine architecture dominates Piazza San Marco. I permitted myself to admire everything about this building although I am very much aware that huge parts and pieces of this building samada bought, taken or stolen from ancient buildings from all over the world. Mana tak nya, inside, the 1st thing I saw are gilded mosaics that cover the walls and ceilings. Ternganga akak.

Palazzo Ducale di Venezia

We were here early so the q was not that long. Unfortunately the English tours were all fully book till end of June. We end up buying the normal ticket at only16. Ropanya we didn’t really missing that much as we managed to cover most of the itineraries in that tour. Jimat huh?.

look at the golden ceilings!!

Once we were out, I was surprised to see the crowds queuing outside. Ramainya!. Imagine how big this palace is as it can swallow up such a huge amount of tourists. I love this palace, easily a couple of hours of relaxed wandering.


Chenta pesan : Its not like you’re going to Venice everyday. So go ahead with the Gondola!. It cost us a bomb for the 40-45 minutes ride but the experience was priceless. I purposely ask the gondolier to take us to small canal and saw those old doors and rusty gates below the grand building. At last, my dream to see Venice from the perspective from which she was built to be seen, now materialized. I I’m more than happy.

However.... *SPOILER ALERT*….a tiny sport in my heart kept shouting…that was just like the Traghetto ride only longer….that was just like naik sampan my cousin kat kampong only the boat is well-decorated…that was damn expensive!!!. The water: its dark, not a single sampah sarap floating which is good but not good enough for me to dip my fingers in. The smell of the water, emm not that busuk yg sampai torture my nose but not that pleasant yg sampai nak sedut2 udaranya gitu. Okey least we got Abg Gondolier yg agak handsome, witty and funny, and he sang all those lagu jiwang. So, nak naik gondola carilah Gondolier yang kacak kawan-kawan!. He told us few of Venice’s big secret: the water is so dirty contaminated that once the pigeon touch the water, she wont survived long. And because of the many kolong2 under the building (untuk air pasang surut) Venice is actually swarming with rats!. Rats as big as a cat!. I believed him.

Accademia - The Bridge and The Gallery

This high arched wooden structure gives you the best spots to view iconic Venetian scene of boats of all sizes plying the Grand Canal. Also the best spot to duduk-kejap. Penat you. The Accademia gallery is just steps away from the bridge. If you are into arts, this is a must!


The bridge is much bigger than I expected. On the top of the bridge there are two rows of souvenirs shops. This is also a fav spot to a great view of the Grand Canal. The market, one word to describe it – crowded. But I love it!. I didn’t go to the fish market (nyesal..nyesal..) but seeing their fruits and pastas and vegetables enough to make me drooled over everything. i love pasar!!!!

Lido Island

Staying at Lido was great, giving us the different Venice: beauty, quiet and peaceful. Despite the tiredness I woke up very early everyday, around 5++. Our free breakfast started at 7:30am so I had ample time to wander and appreciate Lido on my own. Pictures below were taken around 5:30am to 7:00am in the morning sebab tu mcm tak de orang je kan. Venetian still tido!

On the first day I just wander around the hotel.

Breathing Lido’s air

On the 2nd day I rent a gerek, hoping to get the one with cute basket at the front but I got mountain bike instead. Pics taken using self-timer sbb akak was cycling alone! Hahahaha….. SIL was against the idea but she was too tired to join, so as Topek. knowing me….akak redah jek! I was cycling happily… got warm hello and morning from few locals I met, yg tgh nak bukak kedai, yg walking with their dog, yang jogging, yang fishing, nampak sgt akak tourist kan…hahahahha. Happy sangat!

Daku bergerek di Lido….woohooooo. and few stops before the beach.

Burano Island

We took boat #14 from Lido. There is only one stop here if I’m not mistaken so tak de la kami terjenguk2 stop apa kan. From afar I can see the riot of colors of the buildings. Burano is particularly known for that and its lacework. I learnt that the colours of the houses follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development; if someone wishes to paint their home, one must send a request to the government, who will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot. Also, there are no gardens, only some small green space is found at the side-line of the island closed to the boat stop. It is a small island afterall. Here, I walked aimlessly trusting I wouldn’t get lost, and I didn’t. And oh, I didn’t buy any lace product here, they are very beautiful but….but….expensive! (to me al..)

Oh we arrived late and the lace museum is closed already. So we wander around the square and suddenly the bell of The San Martino's Campanile (tower) bunyi. Berdengung telinga akak.

Murano Island

I didn’t know that Murano glass are so famous, resulted the Island being the most visited Venetian Island. Because of my lack of knowledge I’m not into glass accessories or glass homewares so much, so I didn’t bother to buy anything here. Regret it. They are rather expensive but I still regret it. I should have buy the small colorful bracelet or the cute tissue box or the pen holder or the Ferrari Horse or…regret..regret…

From Lido we took the water bus #52 to Fondamenta Nuove, changed to #13 and get off the boat at the Colonna stop. Few steps to the left is where the glass factory and to the right is the way to the great glass shops.


I believe that Venetians are born to walk till they old enough not to and their legs are super duper strong, until I got a glimpse at this old lady. Well, they are normal after all. My lucky day huh?

-akibat suka sangat tgk kasut org..heheheh

And Italian memang handsome. Ini adalah Abang yang tukang tarik tali boat.

Venice is what you make it. It can be expensive and crowded if you stick to the guidebook. Venture away. The easiest way to got to Rialto from San Marco is by boat, only few stops over, but I made my point clear that we will walk. So we walked, trying different routes and each time, we found a different side of the city that really leaves us to appreciate the beauty and colors. Sometimes we got lucky when the small campi leads to great discover of little pleasures: ice-cream and pizza!!. Hah! Talking about food, the prices are not as high as I expected. It’s certainly possible to eat cheaply in a back-street pizzeria. Just do the take away because if you plan to dine in, make sure you’re ready to pay more. You sit you pay.

The easiest way to find somewhere peaceful is to wander down an alley, or along a canal, that everyone else seems to be missing, simply getting lost. The boat services to Lido are up till 11:30 at night, so everyday we stayed late to just wander around Rialto - San Marco area. One time we were so lost we just walked and suddenly the small square open up. There were nicely dressed people dining peacefully outside the beautiful restaurant. The violinist seems lost in his own music. Kids running around. Ah, it was so beautiful!. We sat at one corner for a few minutes just to watch them.

Well, that is Venice my friend. The Venice that I got to know and to love for 3 days and 2 nights. It was the entire experience that can't be captured...I look at those photographs...I can see it; but do you feel it?

I love Venice. (who doesn’t?)