Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jalan-jalan LA

I have a terrible upper back pain. It started more than 2 weeks ago, resulting head ache and stressful sleep. May be it’s the job, again.. – I’m most disturbed with the current situations where technically I have to cleanup whatever blunders left by this guy. Yes, menanggung memang dapat (sikit) duit but to think of the workloads and the compulsory extra 1 working hour everyday, it’s just not worth it. But I really shouldn’t torture myself to insanity thinking of it or doing it kan. Bila la nak jadi Kimora ni kan Zira …hehe (oh I love her too).

And I kind of miss my writing. Previous posting are lack of describing, expressing, telling and all, just few words as caption to the picas. So not cool when you try to read them back. Blerrghh..

Having opportunity to visit a friend is the best itinerary when traveling abroad. You got to see how they settle in, how they enjoy every day and every minute of their life there. You got to see their beautiful house, the comfy rides, and their different lifestyle that oh, we can only dream on here… and daku hanya mampu menemplak diri sendiri kerana dulu banyak main, dan tidak pernah serius memikirkan mahu belajar di mana, mau jadi apa. Jujurnya, hati saya hangat melihat kebahagiaan mereka sekeluarga.

Well, we shall now resume most probably our last programming of Jalan-jalan’s jauh log in 2008, which actually happened more than a month ago. How time flies.

LA – 20-21 Sep 2008

I can’t thank Acoy & Aju enough for their generosity for EVERYTHING in LA. To think back of it, Acoy might have to deny iftar/terawikh invitations, or Aju might have missed the baking/cooking for iftar or raya cookies. So as the kids, which might miss having fun with others? Dah la tu, masuk Universal Studios tak dapat main pulak tu….

Oh well...on 21st Sept, we started the day early and headed to north of downtown LA to Universal Studios!

malu-malu kena paksa posing ngan Acoy..hehehe

No, we didn’t masuk, only posed at the entrance gate but that was already so impressive. The major factor is time constrain, but deep down our heart we felt unfair for Iman. So perhaps some other time with him.. oh ye ke Abah?. We then strolled around the many shops and buy few must-have thingy.


the globe.. nampak that shy little girl in pink?

Then Acoy drove us to Hollywood Boulevard

Walk Of Fame
At first I was like who is this? and this? I hardly even heard of their names. Rupanya these sidewalk honor celebrities from the silent film of yesteryear to today’s blockbusters so don’t aspect to know every single name on the bronze star plaques.

There is a song describe them as: “people who worked and suffered and struggled for fame, some who succeeded, and some who suffered in vain..." emmm…

Oh, it’s my name!.

Mann’s Chinese Theatre
Best-known for the hand and footprints in its forecourt.

the power of wide lense , vertically. result: longer legs!hah!

No matter how much Chenta claimed that he is not star-struck, but here, just cant resists sticking his hands in the prints!

Kodak Theater
Just few steps from Chinese Theatre is the famous Kodak Theatre.

Front fa├žade of the Theatre.

I was wondering why it doesn’t look like what I saw in TV. I google around and found that during the special occasions, the building is dressed before the ceremony, including a different sign though not always, drapery to hide all the storefronts, and the famous large red carpet. Emm no wonder it looks so boring.

Hollywood and Highland Complex
At the back of this complex, past the arch, the gate frames a terrific view of the Hollywood sign and you can pose for pictures on the oversized "casting couch" with the Hollywood Sign in the background. I so wanted to do that but this one family been sitting there like a statue. Jauh akak datang ni…. kempunan tau!

not that bench.. a couch far back behind...

my best shot

The elephant statues that surround the courtyard were used in the Road to Hollywood movie.

Actually, Hollywood and Highland also connects to the Kodak Theater and Mann's Chinese Theater. You can’t miss the street performers on the sidewalk in front, dressed up as everything from Homer Simpson to Wonder Woman. But they expect a tip If you want to take a picture with them.

paparazi's work

After feeling so much like a star, we set off to Citadel!.
Acoy decided to try a short cut route which gave us to see a different LA. Chicano and Asian neighborhood!.

Such a beautiful outlet with palm tress all around it.

Levi’s store is massive! All the grief of not buying any Levi’s at Boston gone! And Chenta got another pair, aci? Iman got his share too.

With few goods in hand, we move back to San Marino just enough time for Tuan Rumah to cook for Iftar. Our best Iftar in US!. Tanpa rasa malu menambah berpingan-pinggan! Oh pinggan itu….

Tuan Rumah,
I’m not a good writer. With limited vocabs and inaccurate grammars, I dedicated this entry to you Sekeluarga. Hope to see you again (soon) before our visa is expired or before you move to other city. Kalau other city, we meet at that city lah.(hehehehe stalker ke apa kami ni?). And when we finally do, I want to give Umi the biggest possible hug. Thank you again.

I boarded the terminal with lumps in my throat and teary eyes. Chenta jelling jek!hiks!
Good bye US.