Monday, February 28, 2011

Jalan-jalan (relaxing) Melb Chapter VI & VII

Date: Dec 6 2010
Places visited: Sekitar City Centre, RMIT

I pity the other 5 who had to drag their ass to class today. Exhausted is the best justification to the quietness during breakfast?
‘hari ni jalan mana Dd?’ asked the ketua rombongan, concerned.
‘RMIT, lepak with Smid’

Yeah, I specially planned this day to just relax and lepak with the lady. Smid got some school errands to do in the morning and followed by post-grad student gathering afterward. So we will meet up after lunch. To kill time, I simply hopped on and off trams roving around the city area. Wandered along the small alleys drifting myself from shop to shop, breathing Melb till my lung packed with it.

And guess what? I even found the choc shop recommended by Mr Mike:)

With all Melb can offer, one thing amazes me: it’s so hard to find shops that sell rugby jersey!. I kid you not; shops listed in gugle are either out of stock or simply tak jual anymore. With info from Malay student that we bumped in QVM last 2 days I finally found the F1 shop mentioned, so small that I thought I’ve been tricked. The jersey section is placed @ underground floor. They only got wallabies and nz jersey with only few pieces left. Pffttt!. Well, Chenta must be lucky coz the only piece of aussie made wallabies classic jersey left is his size. The rest of the pieces are china made. When I ask for further discount on the china made items, the SA brushed me off saying, ‘lady, everything in this world is made in china! That one you hold is the last batch made here.’ Kalau dia tipu harus berdosa kan. And despite world cup just around the corner, and of course they will have fresh new design jersey and hoping the olds will be sold cheapo cheapo, non ado!. *frust*.

drooling over those gojes cakes and pastries

Penat merambu, back to the hotel sekejap and with lunch
pack in hand, I leaved to a park near the cathedral at Swanston St. It was a hot early summer. Locals enjoying themselves lazing at the park with family and friends, young executives having their take away lunch under the tree giggling over a joke I didn’t quite understand, few yogis spotted meditating. Ah, a beautiful day!.

my lunch pack: mineral water MrJimmy, AUD1.50stoberi:), salmon in toast:)))), green juicy apple.

Summer picnic! Love it.

Then walked to RMIT @Burke ST, took me somewhat 5 mins to figure the access to the office. Yeah, been confused, it looks like a normal alley in the arched but actually not. Abang guard handsome dan baik hati was my aid. Smid’s office if you fancy knowing, located in the shopping arched, on the 17th floor. She shares the room with a bubbly Kak Sherry (from uaitiam) and a stylish Iranian lady nama lupa dah.

posing @ofis Smid, gaya sebijik macam masa visit Smid during her tutor time @uum ngan Eline, hang ingat tak Eline kita dok terjerit2 marah kat seseorang?

I spent the whole afternoon there: reminiscing the old days and updating each other on what’s life been delighting & testing us so far. Both actually still full from lunch but someway we (me mainly) dok perabih Smid’s kudapan, nougats, chocs, sweets you name it, coke pun ada.
It was nearly 7 when we departed. Me so happy that I was actually skipping back to the hotel. Love you Smidah. sambung merambu lagiiii.

Date: Dec 7 2010
Places visited: QVM-different angle, Cooking Class with Chef Adam Sylva, Royal Botanic Garden, Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Uni, Brighton Beach

Pagi-pagi terus ke QVM, I entered from a different entrance and was welcome by the smell of freshly baked bread. Arghhh, nikmat!. Pusing2 the entire section and found many interesting selection of foodstuff. From varieties of handmade pasta to cheese, pickles and seafood. Menapak ke souvenir’s section yang baru nak bukak gerai. .

Bila nak ke organic setion, I saw this tent, tv crews about to record a summer cooking program by a local chef in conjunction to promote fresh local veges/fruits/seafood by QVM. Akak pon join la..

chef masak summer tangy pamelo salad and black pepper crab. Sebab masak depan mata and ingredients semua halal at the end of the show akak pon join merasa masakan itewww. Ya, sedap, sedap

duduk 2nd row. balik umah buat tak jadik!!:(

11.30 balik hotel sempat saying goodbye to 4 ladies yg nak catch flight pukul 3. Then ke Shrine of Remembrance. Waduh, lenguh mendaki nak ke tmpt ni dari trem stop, dah la panas. Terus ke Royal Botanic Garden, baru nak masuk garden tup2 hujan! Yeah, this is what Melb famous for "Four Seasons In One Day". Lebat! Berteduh di bawak pokok, tak jadi nak lunch dikelilingi pepokok bungat. Reda saja, dgn separa basah berlari ke trem dan balik hotel. Sadis. Lunch di bilik saja. Tak puas hati betul, lalu keluar semula menuju Melb Uni pulak. Emm, buildingnya biasa2 aja. Lengang sebab dah semester break. Spotted 2 halal rest here. Around 4 balik hotel semula. Dah janji dgn gang nak ke Brighton Beach!

From Flinder station we took train (black line) to Brighton stop about 10-15 km away from Melb city. Rasa macam dari Kl ke Kajang. Turun je kat station, there in front us is the beach. Excited, I ran to the beach, toleh kiri, toleh kanan, where the fish are the multicolor sheds? Far on the left saw expensive sailing boats docking on the rather small wharf and on the right teluk. We walked to the right. Lepas teluk then we saw the sheds dikejauhan.

Fuhh.. puas la jalan tepi pantai itu. Pics by paparazi, boleh bikin scandal!

love this!

Known as a symbol of Mel for a long time, I tot on a summer day like today there will a lot of beach lover, hampa. Non ada. We had fun posing though?

Infront of Brighton Beach Bathing boxes.

Zillion thanks to gang yg sudi temankan daku ke sini, to be here is actually my childhood dream comes true. Perasaan berbunga-bunga.

Balik, terus ke Norsiah Kitchen di Melb Uni. Atai nak makan nasik!.

setelah beberapa hari tanpa nasi. dasar melayu.

di hadapan kedai.

Harga murah (compared to kedai2 Indo yang lain) sebab dlm uni. Norsiah ni singaporean, food was ok. famous lauk are ayam goreng, kari kambing and kari ayam, sayur simple saja. oh ada tahu berlado yg agak manis. very friendly and by the 2nd visit dia dah kenal kami.

ok, tidur nyenyak-nyenyak, esok perlu bangun pagi. GOR yo!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jalan-jalan (jalan sakan) Melb Chapter IV & V

Date: Dec 4 2010

Places visited: Queen Victoria Market, Bali Bagus Rest @85 Franklin St , Bediuzzaman Said Cultural Foundation, Smith St, Fitzroy Garden, Cook’s Cottage, South Warf DFO, Essendon DFO, Sawadees Thai Rest @ 139 Little Bourke St China Town, Southbank

We kawtim with Jimmy (the guide) and modified the original itineraries: slashing visit to places that we can go on our own and adding few, agreed by all.

This time, let the pictures do the talking.

1st stop - QVM where everything is cheap from fresh local produces to souvenir

Rest Bali Bagus - ya, bekas nasi dlm flask biru itu

@Fitzroy Garden, huge park, nyaman - teringin nak jadi family Cpt Cook tapi awat muka daku mcm bapok disitu?

belakang rumah Cpt Cook ada herbs garden and pokok epal ijau

all of us di dapur rumah Cook and cuba teka sapa pernah wakil majikan dlm acara sukan? ishh

wajah murni selepas solat*perasantan* maka harus selalu solat:)

introducing Mr Jimmy, he own the coach company, speaks veli bloken and pelat english. @Smith St where soooo many you can say sports based brand outlet. You can go crazy in Reef and Baldiland, dirt cheap.

you know me right? brand new Reef flip flop, love it, love it

got to say goodbye to my cute baby blue flats. rosak habis. i bought it @ primark in uk for 6pound only. sedey.. tp best ah jadi flats tu, made in china i guess, jual di uk, balik mesia, mati di melb.. for a flats.. what more can u ask for?

@ South Waft DFO (direct factory outlet). Sale jugak.

dah pukul 5pm++ masa ni, we actually ask Mike and Raslan do the talking to Mr Jimmy to bring us to Essendon sbb nak borong correlle and sorts (kalau pergi sendiri harus patah tangan nak angkut barang naik train) keywords ialah worldkitchen. Tapi they mentioned DFO. Jimmy bawa kami ke sini, obviously tak de worldkitchen disini. So pujuk Jimmy (girls jugak yg pujuk) and he said 'but you only got like 1/2 hour there. Its OK!! it took 1/2 hour to reach Essendon, kedai tutup @6pm. Bayangkan kami membeli dgn lajunya!!

antara hasil dari Essendon.

later in our room, see. ala.. org kirim..:)

Dinner @Sawasdee. Food was maebeles!!! tapi mahal la. sbb makan free kami happy:)

lepas letak barang kat hotel, merambu di southbank, seberang sungai.. mlm minggu yg happening.. masa ni belum lagi.. bila dah happening camera pon bongek, tak leh shoot malam..blerrghhhhh

Date: Dec 5 2010

Places visited: St Kilda beach, Rest Nelayan @Swanston St, Philip Island: Maru Koala & Animal Park, Panny Choc factory, San Remo, Coves, The Nobbies, Panguin Parade

We woke up early, and after bf (mantapau sebanyak mungkin makanan utk trip ke Philip Island) off to St Kilda! Oh I did remind kepada yg nak ikut kena gerak awal bg mengelak panas. It was summer already and whats the point of going to the summer hot beach? Minus the skimpy clad chicks and six packs heroes, rasa panas macam kat Malaya saja nanti. Lagipun Sunday morning ni mana ada mat/minah salleh sunbathing, semua lelap sebab lst night mlm minggu. Since yg lain masih golek2 dibilik, kami ber6 saja cargas!.

st kilda sunday market baru nak bukak kedai, sejuk i tell you tapi abg sebelah tu pakai short.. potong kan!

among my fav photos @St Kilda pier

raslan di apit aweks

kami menapak sepanjang pier, kat sini pon ada penguin celah2 batu tu!

descending.. melb city dikejauhan

Nearly 12am mentari dah terik, kami angkat kaki. Ronda city and lunch di Nelayan Rest @Swanston St. Lepas lunch ronda lagi sampai fenat dan menunggu Jimmy yg akan datang @3pm!. Smalam, semua agreed to tong tong sewa satu van ke Philip Island! it coast us AUD100 each, tak le murah mana compare to other tour tapi boleh personalized.:)

Maru Koala & Animal Park, Koala sombong, tidur atas pokok, malas akak layan.sedangkan kucing pon saya tak berapa gemar, inikan kangaroo.. busuk.

kemudian singgah di kilang cheloket (iman says so). oh kilang ini own by Malaysian

singgah di San Remo, birds feeding, Jimmy belikan roti. aman damai di sini. hati nangis teringat Iman, bayangkan dia yg melompat itu.

The Coves (go gugle), tak nampak halal rest. so kami bukak bekal, we had dinner with the birds, sedapnya layan salmon sandwich..hhehe. Sempat main air dan berbaringan layan perasaan. super duper nyaman....

fav photo @Nobbies with Kak Has

saaaangat cantik, they built wood path-walk so that you can enjoy the clift to the max and see sarang beburung without pijak rumput. angin saangat kuat, seeejuk yg amat, love this place...

kegayatan sebenarnya disitu.

last destination, Penguin Parade @ Summerland Beach!! camera is only allowed up to this point. Si kecil penguin sgt sensitip kononnya.

We sat on the tiered seating on the beach and just before the lilght of day is completely gone, we hear a voice cry: "Look! Over there!" And necks crane, eyes strain hard to see. It is impossible to recognise what it is in the water. A head, a beak perhaps, a tiny wing. No sooner is the first cry heard when it is followed by another. Yes, there’s something there, some movement, something ... and suddenly not just one but many. They have had their day foraging out at sea and now they are coming home. They walk across the sand in small groups, as if in a triumphant march, and head for their home in the dunes.On the way back, we saw many more very near the path-walk, like you can touch them! Arghh so cute i bet Iman will jump off the pathwalk and grab them if he is here.

Oh acted macho pakai selipar jepun kan..bawak cardigan nipis.. akhirnya kesejukan yg amats, tumpang shawl Kak Izan dan berkait kaki tumpang haba... Super duper sejuk!. Angin laut lepas artik ke antartik ntah.. + at dusk.. menggigil.

We reached hotel nearly midnight. fenat, puas. Hati gumbira, tidur dgn senyum. can you feel me?