Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Untuk Iman


Terkadang Mummy lupa, penat jerih itu besar balasannya
terdetik dihati letih
Terkadang Mummy leka, rengekan itu bermakna padamu
tersangka mengada yang panjang
Terkadang Mummy alpa, apalah yang anak kecil tahu
terkata pedih
Terkadang Mummy selfish, mengejar hiasan dunia tak berpenghujung
terpinggir sendiri


3 tahun ini
kalau ada yang berbekas dihatimu nak
Mummy berdoa agar yang berwarna indah

Selamat hari lahir Iman

Mummy mahu jadi yang baik
Mummy akan cuba

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jalan-jalan Cameron Highlands

Where : Strawberry Park Resort
When : 2 & 3 Feb 2009
Who : Cik Ah, Kak Anne, Abah, Mummy and Iman

Chenta been planning to go to Cameroon Cameron since forever. Me, not that excited because, was and still hoping that we will travel to Fraser Hill instead. After a very last minute planning and booking the itineraries (yes, our monthly balik kampong trip pon ada itinerary, inikan pula nak ke Cameron Highland kan..) we decided to start the journey at 10.00am. The plan was rather simple, to reach Ipoh by lunch hour, errr by the time Pakeeza is opened!. Despite being there before, tetap terpusing2 bandar Ipoh itu. Should remember that green lane is on the other side of the town! Well, what we love about Pakeeza?

Their palak paneer and naan!

Iman just love the gigantic papadams!

Then the quest of finding the smoothest tau foo fah in Ipoh. It is The Funny Mountain! A funny name yes… but if you see their customers lining and waiting for the tau foo fah and soy bean milk, it’s not that funny anymore. Don’t be surprise; drive thru service is available as this shop often swarms with tourists. The shop is small compare to how famous they’re. Me, not a fan of tau foo far but this is the smoothest and the best tau foo far I’ve ever tasted so far.

Then we drove to the highland via Simpang Pulai. This is 1st experience for all of us, so everybody was so excited to experience the new alternative road which is bigger and less winding than the old one. True enough, It didn’t feel like climbing to the highland at all!. Iman was sleeping (he ate quite a lot at the Pakeeza). Syukur, takut dia muntah je dlm HCity baru Cik Ah.

Check-in and straight away to Sungei Palas for afternoon tea and scones!

The rest of the xtvties were pretty much the same: shopping vegetables, enjoying the scenery, and another tea and scones sessions. On Monday,I wanted to try strawberry plucking but the sales girl said don’t. The school hols just ended, yesterday was full so there’s not much strawberry inside. ‘Tinggal yang kecil saja, rugi je Kak..’ Thanks for being honest.

Iman's hair style.. cun habis la tu...


I’ve been here before, in 1990, school trip after SRP. Somehow I got frustrated as I didn’t see or feel the same Cameron (kecuali that Butterflies Park). The weather was hot, hotter than I expected. The huge green kebun sayur were gone. Last time, the bus just stops like nowhere, and we can pose with the huge cabbage easily. I didn’t see any kebun cabbage now. None near enough from the street that we can go. The huge roses also gone. I kept asking Chenta about the roses, explaining that last time, roses were everywhere and some as huge as my face. He got really annoyed. ‘I will take you to the Rose Park and I’m sure there’s one here.’ But we didn’t see any. Perhaps it was the wrong season, I don’t know, but I feel sad. People said we should visit MARDI. Well, we didn’t.