Friday, August 26, 2011

Dam Dam Dum 2011

Lihat, raya datang lagi. Sangat hampir. Meninggalkan Ramadhan yang tahun ini dirasa begitu singkat. Dalam sibuk dan buat-buat sibuk lagi, tahu-tahu semalam kami saling bersalaman dan bermaafan di office.

Tahun ini, tahun pertama Gebus menulis sendiri kad rayanya. Untuk sahabat yang telah berpindah ke Trg. Selalu nama dua beradik itu disebut. Saya hanya buat collage dari gambar-gambar mereka, print dan kemudian laminate. Saya kirimkan bersama frame gambar. Gebus tidak sudah-sudah menyebut perkataan yang ditulisnya itu. Rindu betul dia.

Juga, pertama kali mendapat kad raya dari sahabatnya di SR. Saya tidak diberitahu,  Gebus  berbisik-bisik dengan Abah, ada secret katanya. Ahh, kad raya Tom&Jerry. Senyum-senyum malu pula bila saya minta untuk melihat. Saya sangka anak-anak sekarang sudah tidak kenal kad raya. Saya silap.

Mungkin satu hari nanti, jika Gebus membaca cerita ini, dia akan tersenyum. Saya harap dia akan tersenyum. Apa kenangan kamu Ramadhan ini? 

Weird pose from last year collection:) Tahun ini harus pose cantik sikit:)
Selamat Hari Raya semua, maaf zahir dan batin. Semoga gembira dan berbahagia bersama keluarga di lebaran nanti. Jemput datang rumah ya.

Lots of happiness,
Nwar, Dd and Iman

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jalan-jalan (dept video shooting) KNSP (lagi)

Date : 04 Mei, 2011. Yes it was in Mei tak perlu buat2 pelik betulke? J
Who : Produser Awie, Director/Cinematographer Nitzus, Cameraman Musyam, Prop Man Syahrul, Makeup artist Liza, Wardrobe Dd and The Actress Suzaine

Truthfully, I was called in just because of the iPad. Well I won’t just handed it to them and sit in the office worrying what might happened to it right? Emm firstly it is not mine, so the owner will only said ok if I’m present while it is being used (you know him right?). I then was ask to help the actress with her wardrobe, eleh..saja la tu kan.

Neway, the trip was super duper fun! Nyaris being denied to enter the park as some part of the boardwalk was badly damaged (it was made out of poor efforts and materials anyway), then after reassurance that we will not claiming anything if anything bad happened and sorts, they let us in.
kalah amazing race..
 The shooting part itself was cool. Well, ahkak just make sure the gadget works its wonder, thanks to max*s 3g services, albeit very slow, the company website successfully downloaded. Then ahkak just sit there enjoying the wind and the view. Perghhh.. for a seconds I think I wanted to switch  profession:).

tukang tengok
tukang kerja
the pro..
big bos enjoying the view, thinking where to eat

us all on the way back, emm tombamnya minah depan tu
Then Tuan Produser belanja seafood lunch at Nitzus’s fav eating place, where I strongly believe he secretly befriends with all the workers there. Our orders came in split seconds! Like they already know what we’re going to order and cooked it beforehand. No one bother to take picture of the foods, we dig and dig and burrppp. 

my fav piece from Zus
The video? It turns out superb!!. Major!! (ayat Disney channel gitu).  Oh it was singlehandedly edited by Nitzus you know.  Anyway, it’s confidential, hence not showing it here. Sorry for that, but you know how to get meJ

breathtakingly beautiful piccas are from Nitzus, the rest are from my humble toy:) 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jalan-jalan (sambil menyelam minum air) Perak

Date : June 26, 2011
Where : Ipoh, Kuala Sepetang
Who : Mi, Cik Ah, Luqman, Sara, Chenta, Gebus, Aniq and moi.

Where did our ancestor get it? The simpulan bahasa. Didn’t they know what will happen when you guzzle water while diving? You’ll be drawn man!. It should be sambil menyelam buat peace sign ker, sambil menyelam kentut (nanti bubble naik ke permukaan air, cute isn’t it) or kalau tidak tahu berenang jangan menyelam, habis cerita.

Anyway, we went to Ipoh not recently (June dowh). The main agenda was to send Aniq (Gebus’s cousin yg lebih gebu dari Gebus) to his miserabless: ST*R Ipoh heheheh. Eh, for a school that old and famous, my kekonon appreciate architecture eyes found the buildings surprisingly too unadorned and mind-numbing. Maaf Starians, itu kata mata saya. Saya tahu isinya yang lebih utama. But, I so love the covered and cemented ampaian, genius!

Before that, we had lunch @ legendary Nasi Kandar Ayam Goreng Merah aka Nasi Kandar Ganja Ipoh

Macam kenduri kawen!
Nearly gave up the looong queue till we saw Cikgu LindaJ enjoying her kandaq at the front row table looking so poised, hot and sexy wearing a black spaghetti strap with beautiful lace that somehow managed to cover a bit of her cleavage. Dem lace!. I totally understand her, Ipoh was so hot on that day!.

Piyok nasi klasik cenggitu memangla shedap!
So, the kandaq was excellent and most importantly cheap. We had standard menu suggested by the waiter: Nasi + ayam goreng merah + ½ telur masin + timun  +kuah2 kari + samba + drink. 

Those, for 8 of us, cost only 55++. Cheap isn’t it? 

  We then rinse out the curry aftertaste with the smoothest soya in town, it’s Funny Mountain yo!.  

Chenta and Cik Ah queuing
close up the tofufa
I kid you not, these cars were queuing for drive-trugh services!
 Seterusnya, hit the highway to Kuala Sepetang!. I’ve heard and read and what not about this reputably famous mee udang and been teringin sesangat. Hati kembang kuncup all the way. I thought there will be like at least a dozen of restaurants but nope, only three (3) spotted.  Mak Teh, Kak Jah and Pak Salleh, itu sahaja. They really conquer the market!.

Being Chenta, he abruptly turned and masuk this seems like abandoned old factory. Ah, charcoal!.   Agenda makan ditangguh kerna beliau ingin melawat kilang ini. Potong betul la!. He secretly browsed about this factory during lunch. Maka sesi lawatan sambil belajar bermula.

Kilang ni pernah masuk drama kan?

Batman senses something wrong with the smoke
Ahh the secret dome. Ni kalau bakar orang sah tak de sisa..ishh scary!
the shallow parit is the only access to the massive mangrove far back

Setelah dipastikan abu2 sudah cukup banyak melekat di kaki, kami gerak ke Kak Jah!. I need not to say much, you can pretty much imagine the whole experience from the pics.

appetizer : cucuq udang tak de udang besar
main course : mee udang tak nampak mee
Gebus layan ABC tiada udang
dessert  : udang goreng tepung terbaek Jah!
Gebus enjoying his 6th huge udang. mak pose beriya jadi background saja:(
nak lagi!
Tak caya udang laut fresh? Ni bukti gambo kat dapur and Uncle inform us where the jetty is and suggested we go there mana tau ada udang baru naik. Tarak. semua dah jual kat Mak Jah katanya.

 Udang overdosed, we move back to KL.  Harus datang lagi!. I loike!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadhan 09, 1432H

We live 25km from downtown KL. Travelling to work on daily basis can sometimes felt so droning, boring and tiresome especially in the evening when it seems like every road, highway or toll is jammed!. In a happy day, talking to each other was good enough to channel our anger (sebab jam) away. But in a gloomy day, to avoid staring pointlessly on the road or just being irritated and started cursing other drivers, we played games.  Oh, when 3 of us in the car, we seldom turn the radio on.

Last Tuesday, August 10, 2011, was general knowledge quiz.  We ask Gebus few questions like what is the color of our flag, name vegetables that you know, which one is a healthy food, what shape is our world, what is Atuk in English, then what is your grandpa’s name and sorts. 

Suddenly he said: Ok my turn.
He asked us questions, 11 in total. Some that amuse us lot:

World is round, tapi jalan tegak. *huh?. Long explaination*

Kereta di jalan, matahari di atas. Yang mana duduk di angkasa? *huh?*

Yang mana lebih besar , Lori ke bas? *so confuse to answer, atas jalan ada lori kecik, lori trailer, bas skolah pendek, bas express dua tingkat*

Yang mana satu burung? Burung Hantu ke Rama-rama? *rotf*

Question No 11, Ok yang ni soalan paling susah sekali tau. Fikir dulu sebelum jawab (tu dia siap warning)
Yang mana lebih besar, Ipad ke iphone?. *rotf 5X, he actually meant which one is better in terms of apps and tgk movie *

Oh im so gonna miss this. I foresee travelling to Cyberjaya will be lonesome and perhaps I can work on my vocal then.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Assalamulaikum sahabat

Salam Ramadhan penuh barkah
Maaf zahir dan batin
Dari sudut hati yang paling dalam

Chenta, Daku & ,Gebus,
Ramadhan 3,
Tol Batu 9, Cheras