Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jalan-jalan (kerja jalan, jalan kerja) LBN KK KCH

When : 9-15 Sept 2011
Who : Zack Zaidi,J,A,N,R and DdJ
Agenda: Yearend accounting routine.

Remember this? Yes, same suspects, same agendas, same place visited + new addition: LBN! Yeay!. Anyway, I don’t know if you noticed, but I am sorta doing accounting job here. Weird huh?. Well, does any of you don’t know that I hate accountancy? I hate it so much that I got 5 for Perdagangan, well, my teacher’s prediction was plain ‘failed’ as she said it right to my face during one of her off-putting class. During matriculation days, Cikgu Mat excluded me from any theory test with his sinister quote ‘Idahroyani  relaks, jangan gabra, saya TAK kan soal’. While girl friends kept pestering me to study,  Addie - my life saver will passed  his answer sheets to me when finished. Cool eh?. And when times to chose degree course, I simply wrote 1.IT 2.IT 3.Business *smirk*.
My work, at the beginning involved simple debit credit that’s all. But as time goes by, I hear jargons like bank statement, GL, TB , CR more than URS or DDS or.. oh you know it. And sedar-sedar I’m in the middle of a meeting discussing interbank transaction, daily collection report and all *slap face*. Yes, im still struggling to understand this old enemy of mine, been blarneying my heart to love it, and convincing my head that it will be easy *sigh*.

Ok, enough said, just put aside the boring agendas and enjoy the fun part of the trip.

Among my fav pic in LBN
A boulder with the words Peace Is The Best carved into it, those letters in Kanji means the same *agaknya la*.

Habis pusing satu Pulau. Museum pon layan!
Tak jadi menjamu di sini, mahal!
@Anjung Ketam, gagal juga, tutup sebab owner ada majlis kenduri kahwin di tanah besar.
The preservation of the Memorial is immaculate, just look at the green patch, beautiful isn’t it? If only we could say the same about our parks.

The best of Jena. Kicap dan daun kari import khas Pn R. TErbaek!
Love this piece from Jenal, describe KK really well.
This adik gave me his business card, few names written: Ahmad, Micheal and Rain.
Me  :  Ok, Rain, next time saya call and order,  awak deliver ke hotel.
Adik: Eh, mana akak tau saya Rain? *senyum simpul kemalu-maluan*
Me  : derrr *buat zip zap with jari telunjuk depan dia*
bermodelan depan pasar filipina
zack zaidi dan hasil tuaiannya di KK

Chenta and Iman came! And this was how they say goodbye when I had to leave to office in the morning!.
My colleagues really had fun melawakkan daku yg konon 'gumbira' tok laki datang, you know la kan... benci!
ok la... satu gambar skema.. bukti buat kerja*ada chep wan kesah?*
anak beranak @ top spot
We managed to visit Sarikin on the last day. Serikin sells just about everything and most of the products come from Kalimantan. People said the sun is directly overhead much earlier here than anywhere else in Sarawak. I totally believe it, felt so hot even though we arrived quite early. Pls don’t haggling over the price if you don’t really want to buy because it annoys the traders. My colleagues kena harass with scary words for doing so. 
Rows of stalls on both sides of the road.
Tikar in abundance, I didn’t ask the price, so don’t ask me heh.
All in all, you should come and enjoy Sarikin, you might find something you like here. 

another fav! thank you Jenal for this. love it, love it
fav xtvt @airport : belek toys.. baca all the writting on the box...  ok, i need to go to the ladies..*hmpphhh*

Ahh..saya sukak trip kali ini. Jalan, makan, kerja, gelak... semua cukup. *gembira lalu tepuk tangan*
*99% of the pics here are from Mr.Jenal