Thursday, May 31, 2007

mummy's day!

i always thought i wanted to be a writer…but i hate what i write! then i tried taking pictures…it helps me remember…i need to remember..but chenta’s so good at that, and mine are so dreary. i just don’t know what I’m supposed to be.
but then i got so jealous reading other people’s blog and keep thinking someday i’ll have my very own space to write so that i’ll remember.

so, what’s for today? let’s remember mother’s day.

this was my 2nd year of celebrating mother’s day. the 1st one was just few weeks after iman’s arrival. i still remember vividly…the pain form c-sec was horribly beyond words, the sore of my nipples, the tiny demanding iman, the sadness for not having chenta around. and then my dear aunty came, she said, hey, you’re a mother now, happy mother’s day to you. I was like…emmm thank you! the feeling was all mixed up! I’m a mother! M.O.T.H.E.R!. minus a few attempts of not so successful breastfeeding, I haven’t done anything ‘mother’ yet, and yet all the other mothers around me keep wishing happy mother’s day….how pengelat was that?

this year was a different story. iman already 1. no, not that I’m already a competent mother (am still learning and striving to be competent) but good enough to celebrate mother’s day at least to chenta and iman. no, not that we had grand celebration, just a humble eating out and small present (no 20), that was it. chenta repeatedly reminding iman to behave well as it was kekonon a special day for me, and sang a funny tune of self-invented mother's day song entah lagu apa da.. while iman did the 'abbah' again and again. i was trying hard to correct him, 'mum!'.

the special celebration was for my mother. Pn Hjh. Senah Hj. Abd Majid. adik sayang Mak. later!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the day

today is the day...the day i start blogging...
wish me luck..plenty of it, because i'll definately need them.