Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jalan-jalan Boston

I wanted to update earlier but things have been pretty hectic lately. I hate my job, enough said.

16 – 20 Sept 2008
Oh I forgot to mention, masa check in kat Lax, I was ushered aside and this officer shouted dgn kuatnya: “female assistances needed, we have red code over here”. I was like, wtf? Ya, daku kena red code, abis kena raba and hand luggage and hand bag kena selongkar, they wiped inside my bag, my shoes and my hands with this wet tissue and put it inside a machine mcm dlm CSI tu. While waiting for the result, I was seated at a chair and they ask few questions. Macam siut jek kan! Tapi daku cool jek…. Eleh…diorang ni mcm bagus jek nampak org pakai tudung, terus declare red code.

jalan-jalan dipagi hari taking pictures like there is no tomorrow.

cool pics on the first day / wrentham outlet store

Bila Chenta pi 'kerja', I was jumping off and on a train or bus or walking on my own like I've never did before.

leaving foot print at Harvad / Harvard Library

Enter to grow in wisdom / me and Mr John Harvard

Around MIT / The famous MIT structure

Alice : claiming
Boston definately wonderful. Although I insisted to everyone that this is no honeymoon, I cannot deny that this is probably a honeymoon indeed.

Did u know that Boston is kampung halaman B&J?

children's museum anyone?
Moi @ Boston tea Party / Chenta @ Boston's Historic North End
prudential tower
I ended this entry with this special picture.
Abaikan saiz bahagian atas kakiku!
kalau rajin, sila bagi caption..hehehe

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


tolong... saya ketakutan!!

lebih takut lagi bila dia depangkan tangan dan melompat mcm hantu cina!!
serious, saya takut.... (abah pon takut..)
kalau awak, awak takut tak?
permainan apa ni Iman?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jalan-jalan Taoyuan Airport, Santa Monica LA

15 Sept 2008
The you-never-know-where-and-when trip.

Entry transit

Following my ridiculously busy weeks, and holy month of Ramadhan is just started, I hadn't been looking forward to any trip away from work. When Chenta called and informed me about this trip, my mind opposed to believe. I simply put down the phone and continue working. Who would have thought that his usual mengacau-call is actually not bogus?

We had less than 2 weeks to settle visas and my flight tickets. Mind you even though Chenta had the invitation memo for the forum, they (his admin) didn’t give the full itineraries, expecting me to book the flight through their agent. I was rather mad and impatient because not only the price is 2k higher than what Azidah quoted me, the agent didn’t confirm yet their booking which means I have lesser days to book causing changes in flight fares and availabilities or, even worse they might changed airline or routes. At this point, I nearly gave up. Dah la tu, interview date for visa pon very last minutes. If we fall short this one, we wont be able to book for another date. That’s it. So the idea of bringing Iman is out of question. Poor baby kena tinggal lagik.

Nak dijadikan cerita, on the day we supposedly flew 14/9, Typhoon Sinlaku slammed into Taiwan with heavy rain and strong winds forcing the cancellation of dozens of flights including MH099. Insensitive MAS not even bothered to inform us about the cancellation saying that this is not their technical failure whatsoever. The flight was scheduled at the same time next day. At first, his colleagues tried to change the route from via LA to NY. I was like, matila aku kalau mahal. Luckily the not so friendly ticketing staff said the tickets were tagged as cannot-be-changed.

On 15/9 we flew to LA via Taipei. Masa dah nak sampai Taipei, this one stewardess who wore fake long eyelashes dengan kalutnya ask us what we want for buka puasa. 5 min later she came back with a mas plastic bag, tapau food for buka puasa.


Santa Monica Pier, LA

Arrival at Lax was ok, surprisingly fast clearance. Kuih tart tidak diperiksa langsung..heheh. We had more than 5 hours for our next flight to Boston. So, we hop on a yellow cab to Santa Monica Pier! Santa Monica is only 7.6miles away from Lax. Chenta dah google since kat Taipei lagi mana nak pergi transit lama giler tu.
pic taken from the cab.

at the pier.

Santa Monica is exactly like we saw in the movies. Cantik. I love the planks of the pier, which somehow look very modest yet classic. The amusements park was closed for private function, not that we have time for them but at least I want to pose in front the famous vintage merry-go-round. And I found kasut Forrest Gump! hehe

Enjoying one of the best sunset along California coast (as the local claimed), macam tak caya jek..:)))

We than had our iftar at Mariasol Cocina Mexicana, and took a yellow cab back to Lax. Pergi lalu town kena USD30, balik lalu highway pusing masuk town balik, kena double!. Cisss.

Sampai Lax Chenta hantar daku ke terminal 7 as I will fly with UA, his was AA. Melepak la daku sesorang kat T7 tu. Called Aju using public phone (maxis bengong tak roaming despite dah sound awal2), left message as Tuan Rumah berterawikh di luar. Maaf la Tuan Rumah, baru teringat nak call… hehehe tu pon tukar coins beli mag Vougue..hehhe

Lepas take-off I look down and ternganga melihat California illuminates beautifully. It was massive! Like a golden city. Ampunkan kejakunanku itu.
gambar gegar tp nak tunjuk jugak...

Oh I sat sebelah pakcik tua, gemuk, typical American, but behind me were these 2 young Mexican muka ala2 Santi dlm Goal tu.. hehehe
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya 2008

I was tired... stressed out and frustrated at the fact that I have to work on Raya eve. Well, actually, work is not the right word kan Zie. its just I’m not used not to take super early leave for Raya. And I have to buy ready-made baju raya as the tempah one is poorly tailored. Duh!

On the happier note, this raya we managed to gather everybody for a family photo shoot.

Keluarga Hj. Setam (ini bukan semua ya..)

Complete gang of Keluarga Hj. Johari

Iman enjoying this raya to the max. He prefers traditional kuih like dodol, bangkit and rempeyek. The only cookie he likes is almond london, for he will only lick the chocolate coating.

Iman buat muka everytime Mummy panggil nak amek gambar!

Keluarga En Anwar

Sekali lagi, salam lebaran for all. Don't forget to give and forgive in every way we can.

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