Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Year Older

yes, I'm a year older 2moro. Iman been singing 'happy birthday untuk mummy...' and i can't help but weep. my baby sing birthday song to me... it still hard to digest. ever grateful.

to chenta, thank you.
to my bapak and mak, thank you.
to you, thank you.

i wish to be a better me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We need colors.

I always admire people who are passionate with whatever shit they’re doing and wish could have gotten the same magnitude of passion. Emm.. most of the time I obviously hate my job.

In Uni, we used to choose a guy each to be admired so that going to class wont be boring. Different semester will be a different guy. The most fun semester were between Eline/Nizam , Aju/Lahabau, Me/Medan, emm sapa lagi? Brani mau mengaku? hehe And at the end of the semester IF we got to date or makan berdua (meals paid by him)… kira menang la… Mind you the selection of the guy was quite hard. He must be known antisocial, hardly seen lepaking with girls and lebih tak cun lebih bagus (sorry guys)… Hhahaha and I won on my final semester.

During matriculation years, girls in my class will vote who is the best guy of the month. Best means : cun or tetiba bulan itu jadi cun, most helpful, most sincere, and whatever ‘most’ we can come out with. Yeah.. girls are crazy…

The point is I’m easily feeling out of spirits and tired. I need inspiration and motivation wtf??. At my age and status, it will be totally ridiculously stupid
to be doing something like above esp with ppl who work under the same roof. Gatal he hapa kan… Eh ni bukannya inspiration hape pon... if you think that Chenta and Iman are not. They always there somewhere special in my heart. Ni saja je gatal-gatal... hehehh bole?

Whatever... at least I found mine, I dont even bother the fact that I have to share. He makes me smile when im sad. He slowed down my heart beat when I’m angry. He also lengthens my time when thinking my logic…

Yes what a stupid lamb I am.

McAvoy, I still love you, only lesser. Hiks! this 'cheating' Zie?


*** I would love to hear everybodys oppinion regarding this topic but my advisor suggested that its best to appologize first if this posting troubling anyone in anyway possible. Perhaps I miss those time a lot, everything kinda pop up in my head and my hand started typing without thinking. I even got some name wrong! heheh Ya Pn Eline, I know it was not Nizam, must be H**zam kan... lesson learnt, no name mentioned. Heheheh

*** as for statement 'lagi tak cun lagi bagus' - what was i thinking kan... kami yg tak cun... sbb kalau cun we wont play this silly game afterall... must be busy dating around. I dont know... i cant even properly put my thinking into words... all im saying is im sorry... sorry.. sorry...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tag lagi

Me at home rite now. Iman needs another week of isolation as he started coughing again last Sunday. Chenta and me taking turn to look after him at home untill my sister is available. The fact that my new system will go live tommorrow is giving me headache. At this point I curse the management for not yet 'believe' in technology. I have to call sana, call sini to make sure 2moro will be successful. If only i could 'work from home' like Ed, Ezzah and Chal. Bos pon tak yah kalut I cuti jaga anak kan...urgghh.... I’m rising above….i’m rising above…..

well, work done, Iman is sleeping, kain dah lipat... emmm mari layan tag game lagik. I've been tagged by Zirap, amboi2 Cik Kak, belum jawab tag daku ada hati nak tag balik..cis! Tak per… akak layan…

The rules:
It's harder than it looks!
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun! Don't forget to post it!

1. What is your name: Dd
2. Four letter word: Done
3. A boy's name: Doraemon
4. A girls' name : Duni my classmate during high school
5. An occupation: Drug Dealer a friend of mine dok giler main mob war jadik drug dealer, Digital Sound Engineer mcm best je kerja ni , DJ sounds fun, doctor is to boring…hehehe
6. A color: Dark Blue
7. Something you'll wear: Denim
8. A food: Duck liver a.k.a Foie Gras
9. Something found in the bathroom: Duck (Iman punya)
10. A place: Dungeon
11. A reason for being late: Dreaming. Kes tak larat nak bangun…
12. Something you'd shout: Don’t!
13. Movie Title : Dreamers oops..heheh, ok la.. Diwale Jayange
14. Something you drink: Durian Coffee jgn lupa rasa ini di Rumah Mode ye kawan-kawan…
15. A musical group: Dixie Chicks
16. An animal: Dragonfly
17. A street: Danau Kota 1
18. A type of car: Donkey Car aci?
19. The title of a song: Don’t Speak by No Doubt

Sesapa nak buat dipersilakan….. esp to someone who just finished his MBA. Loosen yourself a bit man….