Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jalan-jalan (the final 3 installments) Melb Chapter VIII, IX, X

Date: Dec 8 2010
Places visited: Great Ocean Road with Go West yo!!!

I woke up early: can’t really sleep actually. Hit the buffet spread and packed two piles of sandwiches, lots of apples and pears, mineral water and chocs. The guide came 15 minutes late which is weird by Aussie standard; I was so worried and ask the hotel to contact him. As expected, ada yang lambat, messing his picking up schedule.

Our 1st stop is the infamous surf of Bells Beach. We were scheduled to have our morning tea here, but unfortunately right after we pose at the boardwalk, it started to rain.

@Bells Beach

Instead, we had it at a beautiful Lorne, a nearby modern town by the beach. Jack (the guide) prepared a couple of thermoses of hot water, instant coffee, and tins of store-bought cookies. A bit lame, I would say, but the scenery from where we sat is so gorgeous, nobody complain?

Another quick stop at the most photograph gate of GOR. It was raining moderately, minor, everybody enjoy posing in the rain especially me?.

Didn’t get the perspective I want but what the heck.

Time to spot koalas in the wild and play with the parrots! I will pass the koala part, well I hate dormant animals, sorry but the one we spotted, he just stay there and right after few clicks, he curled up and ready to nap. Come on, I came all the way from Kuala Lumpur, can you at least show some act here? Pfffttt.
The parrots on the other hand, very animated and way too friendly. With baits in hand many will come to you, parking anyway they like. Aweks screaming is predictable but guys? Hahah yes, they scream too. *slap head*

pls God, don’t let him poo on me..

Along the way, at many lookout point, Jack managed to pull over the bus on the gravel side of the road and gave us few minutes to enjoy the coastal and of course, to pose. He was more than happy to be our photographer and even suggested the best spot to stand.

Location : Cape Patton lookout
Art director : Jack
Photograper : Jack
Model : unknown

Lunch stop was at the tranquil small town of Apollo Bay. Numerous eateries can be found but none serves halal food. Or perhaps you can try fish n chip or something like that. I ate my lunch pack at the garden facing a playground.
Here I have time to explore the shops. Love this little bookstore, I bought fridge magnet with GOR map on it.

Ah, kids will always remind me of my boy. *sad*.

Apollo Bay

After lunch we follow the GOR into the mountains of Great Otway National Park. We strolled on the wooden boardwalk, wonder at the marvel of tree ferns and towering hardwood some like props in LOTR movies!

Then of course, onwards to the Port Campbell National Park, where world famous rock formations are standing. 12 Apostles, I didn’t bother to count but Jack showed us ‘before and after’ pictures of the apostles, obviously one is vanished, natural course.

Man, those apostles are something to be seen! Absolutely unbelievable.

Not that far from the Apostles, the sensational Loch Ard Gorge, the shipwreck coast where as history told by Jack, a ship of immigrants wrecked by the huge waves and a man somehow been pushed to the shore and bravely jumped back into the sea to safe a girl. Ahhh typical! But emm no they didn’t get married, the man been given datukship? and the girl balik kampong. Hahah. Yeah that’s pretty much the story. Come on, you suppose I really listen? Go google yourself.

And the last one, the collapsed of London Bridge. Another story worth knowing about what actually happened when the bridge collapsed, but I won’t tell here. Tak trill la semua dah tau kan? .

The last camwhoring: Right after this shot, my camera died. Pffttttt.

The journey back was a bit boring; we passed few huge farms and saw cattle in abundance. Dinner stop was at this very quiet small town, urgh I cant remember the name, demit!. Was 8++ when we reached there, obviously all shops were already closed except McD and one Chinese noodle restaurant. I had carbonate drinks and pear for dinner. Yeah finished my sandwiches along the way.

It was a long day -13 hours to be exact, just me and strangers in the mini bus, but I had an amazing time during the tour. It’s a small group, easy to get to know everybody and surprisingly, it wasn’t annoying. My jolly awesome tour guide was really helpful. He was like my personal photographer. Well, to us: yg-pergi-trip-sesorang. I usually don’t really want to go to the same place twice (reason duit tak banyak, kena save to other cities la), but I think for GOR, it becomes an exception. This rugged rocky scenic route is undeniably calling me for more. I hope next time will be with family and friends, like a soul trip or road trip or something and we will spend a few days on a one-way journey itself. I can imagine renting a caravan, drive leisurely, dip in those gorgeous beaches, and call of the day at some awesome camp sites that I saw. They have green patches with waterfall! It will be more peaceful, enjoyable and relaxing. But for now, I’m much grateful for the single daytrip as I think in my circumstance that is the best way to do it.

Date: Dec 9 2010
Places visited: City Library, Blok M @Little Burke St, RMIT, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Uni, Shrine Of Remembrance, Royal Botanic Garden, Swanston St.

I woke up feeling like just having a startling dream. Despite the fatigue, it built enjoyment and I went bf with the gang, mind you it was 7 in the morning! When ask about GOR, I just show my pics and they went wow.. eiii…ohh..perghh?. Oh they brag about Melbourne Suzuki night market visited last night. Many halal booths selling variety of kebabs and rice. Must be like a candy store for Raslan hehehe.

So, what’s for today?
Library and Museum!
Mr Mike nak belanja kitorang lunch hari ni. Join la
Ok, will text.

fav bf counter, honey from the slap!

So after bf we departed. I went straight to the library only to know that it open at 10am! Hah! So I jumped in the tram and just sat till it reached the last station and hopped to other without bother knowing where it leads. It was fun to see people at their best in the morning, rushing for works. Around 9.30 I hopped back to the city.

I swear if we had a library like this, I am ready to give up Mid Valley on Friday lunch hour?. Right after the security, there is a huge yet very cozy area for discussion or simply relaxing with friends. Comfy sofas, wing chairs, mags and papers and rows of pcs with foc internet access!. On the 3rd floor is The Reading Room, wow if feels like you are in ancient study of the scholars!. On the upper floor is where cool arts and history exhibitions held all year round. I can’t believe I spend almost 3 hours in here. It was much better than lepaking at Myers heheheh.

The library entrance and my fav par of it.

feeling mcm bagus @ The Reading Room:)

Rushed to Little Burke St as the gang were already at BlokM (Indo rest) for lunch. Had the famous keli berlado, 2 ekor!. Most of the conversation was in Malay and Mr Mike didn’t have problem with it at all. I must say he really has good recollections.

Raslan annoyed sbb tgh layan mee goreng

My roomate, Mr Mike and Mike

They went back to class and I to RMIT, need to say goodbye to a dear friend. Smidah’s room is leaking and the carpet stench so we lepak at her friends’. Hu ha hu ha gelak gelak gelak. It was brief but really meaningful. Tak ambik gambo, segan!. Then I rushed to the museum at Spring St, top end of Collins St. Bought AU8.50 ticket and exploration time. Didn’t manage to cover all but 3 halls were quite an achievement, no? I think I pretty much stuffed with Melb history hahahha.

di perkarangan mueseum

I reached hotel about the same time gang balik dari kelas, after freshen up, we went window shopping together, yeah 6 of us. Tired of not getting anything, Raslan kind of forced us to have dinner @Norsiah Kitchen again. Am still full from lunch (2 ekor keli remember?) so I just had prata with plain curry.

Bloated, we (the girls) went to Shrine of Remembrance and RBG. The day end up at Swanston St, where we walked real slow, tried hard to plant everything in our head afterall, this is our very last night here?

Date: Dec 10 2010 Places visited: Final installment of QVM and City Circle, Airport

QVM last installment – berries shopping! Yeah i bought pretty much everything: blue and black berries, raspberries, red currents, cherries, apricots, plums and prayed they will survive the long hour flight.

The new shopping bag is big enough to put everything in! and kinda cute too, kan? oh I love this bag, love it, love it.

The last round of City Circle was comical but deep down my heart, I can feel the lump getting bigger. Ah so sad. I gonna miss you Melbourne.

Smid came to the airport and guess what? She brought 6 packs of Nasi Lemak!. You know who is the happy chap kan. He just can’t wait to eat it!. We bid goodbye early as En Rafiqi need to go to Friday prayer. En Rafiqi and Amidah, I just can’t come out with the best word to describe your generosity. Despite the hectic schedule, the hard time in foreign land, the survival, the everything, you guys still make time for us. The fact that you treat the gang like yours just flattering and I am so thankful for it, really. You shoud know, everybody loves you both. They kept saying ‘Baiknya kawan awak ni Dd..’ Boy, I cried when you left.

The last lunch sambil isi form:( thumbs up tanpa dipaksa.

In many ways, Melbourne is special to me *teary eyes*. I had ample time to just be with myself, doing things I like most, it was like being teenage again, free and happy. I thought walking alone in the city would be intimidating but man, I was wrong. Bye bye Melbourne, I hope I will come back someday. Wait for me ya.