Monday, March 31, 2008

Jalan-jalan Utara

  • Mana: Umah Pok Onong n Cik Imi, Aloq Staq, Sintok, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Padang Besar n Kola Perlis
  • Bila: 20-22 Mac 2008
  • Siapa: Abah, Mummy and Iman.

This trip was just the retreat I needed (eh, bukan ke baru jalan-jalan Melaka?heheh). Usually on a holiday, one of the main attractions for me is the shopping. But lately, I noticed that En Hubby emulates this perangai. Earlier he hinted many many times that he wanted to go to Bukit Kayu Hitam. Fair enough because he never been there before so off we go. He bought 3 helai of football jerseys. Later when we were at Pekan Rabu he bought Songkok Che Det, few kilos of Asam Jawa, Pulut, Beras Nasi Dagang and Mempelam. While at Padang Besar, he bought another 2 football jerseys and 2 of rugby jerseys. What did I buy you want to know? Nothing. Yup! None. For that he bought another jersey and hadiah awak katanya. Great, I never like jersey!.

seafood @ kola P & pekan rabu

signature of kedah + on the way to kola P

remember Ladang Cuping? - Iman nak bubbles @ padang besar

On other notes, being in Kedah brings back lots of memory. Despite the very hot weather, we managed to visit few familiar places like Joe Cendol Pulut, UUM, Kola Perlis and the Aloq Staq itself. Kedah was at its best. It so refreshing to see the changes. And for once I actually stopped and appreciated it all – and it was nice.

to Ezzah N Izam as I temankan diorang dating ronda2 Aloq amek2 gambaq ala2 titanic kat both of this places, ingat tak mate? I ada bukti...hehhehe

masa nak packing I found a packet of 1/2kg dodol! sapa beli? Iman kah?

Friday, March 28, 2008

I am OLD

I'm a year older yesterday. In my head, I'm still 28 and it stops there.

To note this, 3 of us had not so cozy dinner at Pavilion. Iman was behaving unmanageably. He played with the daughter of the restaurant owner, throwing balloons everywhere - disturbing other patrons, stumbled with the waiters and all. We constantly had to apologize to people. Not only we had to take turn eating, the fact that the food wasn’t that tasty and cold really upset me.

I tried hard not to think that Iman spoilt my day. Watching him had fun playing with that little girl somehow touched my heart deeply. It just that I pictured the night differently.

Later that night i can't help but to feel for my mother for that she is the one who brings me to this world. For what she’s been through, I think she deserve the celebration more that me. And I promise myself to care for her even more, support her in every way that I can. Love you Mak!

This picture never failed to bring tears in my eyes.
To my dear friends from near and far, thank you for the thoughtful wishes. For someone who made a special entry for nobody me, thank you, thank you.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Jalan-jalan Melaka

Mana: Melaka
Bila: 7-9 Mac 2008
Siapa: Abah, Mummy and Iman. Then followed by the whole family of Hj.Setam.
Ada apa: Jalan-jalan keliling kota and Kak Ngah bertunang.

It was funny when Abah agreed to take leave on Friday, 7/3/2008 so that we can have extra days to explore Melaka. Emm macam tak pernah sampai kan. The fact that we (satu sekolah gitu) joined rombongan to Melaka masa standard 5 or 6 only made us even thrilled to recollect our childhood memoirs, ahaks!.

enjoying his swimming lesson with abg epen at a farmosa

my mummy is cool eh? hehehe

The highlights will be Umbai Ikan Bakar, checking the bising-bising kek pokan Tampin - cendol Pulau Sebang, MITC, A Farmosa Resort and visiting other tourist attractions.

Upset with – Mini Lisbon - Abah been googling bout this place and tot we’re going to have lunch at one of the authentic Portuguese restaurant at the square, but siang depa tak meniaga. And Jonker’s Street - looking for chicken rice ball, sekali pandang sah-sah tak halal.

Kak Ngah's engagement ceremony was a blast. 25 or was it 27 dulang of hantaran, berbalas 17. Humangaiii manyak nyerrr... and rombongan lelaki came 15 kereta!! penuh balai!

Kak Ngah,you look beautiful! And eh, your fiancé ganteng la Kak Ngah

Kak Ngah with Atuk Nah - ini cucu kesayangannya!

Front LtoR - Mak Ita-Mak Kak Ngah, Atuk Nah, Atuk Tam, future FIL Kak Ngah
Back LtoR - future MIL Kak Ngah, The Fiance, The Awek
cuppies by wondermilk sumbangan ikhlas mummy...ahaks

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

La Mome

This is not a movie promo whatever. I just love this movie so much that i might share few words.

It’s a life story of singer Edith Piaf , a tough life story. It was dark, brutal, bright, and all. It was emotional (I actually had tears on my face) and melodramatic you might say. And for a musical biography, they gave just the right amount of music.

I especially love this song


No no nothing at all
No I regret nothing at all

Not the good times I had
Not the pain, it means nothing to me

It’s done wipe away
Erased, the past interests me not at all

With my souvenirs
I build fire
My sadness, my pleasure
I don’t need it any longer
The loves are gone
The traumas as well
Erased forever
I must start anew

Because my life and my joy today
Begin with you
Go watch, I highly recommend this film

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mari Belajar Solat

Evrytime Abah bentang the prayer mat, Iman will quickly stand close to him and follows his every moves. Sometimes when he is glued to TV or too fascinate to toys and refused to solat, Abah have to solat again later (olok2) and this time he had no excuses! For all these photos, Abah was criticizing me for not being sensitive enough. The flash light got Iman’s attention and as you can see he started to pose! Yup, blame me…I’m guilty! Later Abah gave us a loong speech about solat and manners.
iman, stand straight!

don't look here! nanti Abah marah!

iman! what did i say?

there u go...

good boy... notice his jari telunjuk?