Monday, February 25, 2008


I feel so sluggish today. So sluggish that not even my usual cup of morning teh nipis could cure. Not even Fazli Zainal – Harapan (ada ker dengo lagu leleh leleh…hehehe).
The point is, my job is boring! I get easily withdrawn and unchallenged. Help me!

In other news, Iman surely can talk now. Pardon me being silly bout all this normal thingy bout him but I just love the way he says:
“ tisco eh?” – every time we passed the traffic light, bout 500m from Tesco Kajang.
“ masak eh?” - every time he saw us busy at the kitchen
and my fav is “ jom akan” marilah beramai-ramai kita makan….hehehheheh.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Hair!

Before : sungguh la panjang kan!.

when asked to give cheeky pose
cheeky pose #2

look at his dumuk fingers! they are my fav!

After : OK tak?

the haircut that cost us RM15.00. they called it Classic Bob. shd have cut it myself!