Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jalan-jalan (kerja jalan, jalan kerja) KCH & KK

When : Okt 24-29, 2010
Who : 6 of us. 5 of them are from other dept. me and me alone from IT dept.

Eline said it, kerja jalan, jalan kerja. I must admit that no matter how hard/ late you work during outstation, you’ll feel different. Being at dissimilar places and far from routine responsibilities, enough to make you feel like you’re in little vacation. I used to love being away, anywhere but my cubicle but this time, I was counting days to be back home. I called Chenta like 3-4 times and talked to Iman 2 times (after school and before bed) a day without failed. I miss them terribly.

Well, since I was not with my usual suspects, I played cool by simply tag along in their plan. State Director belanja dinner at this rest somewhere in Petra Jaya area. It was Victoria something, decorated ala hutan simpan, and from paper cutting that neatly framed and hung on the wall, reported served delicious western food. In contra, we had ikan asam pedas, daging lada hitam, rendang ayam, midin goreng, butter prawn and salad. *Kompius* .

Layan Gondola and Teh Si

Layan beryani kambing! Beryani kambing di Kuching? *kompius lagi*

KK been raining miaw2 and kung2 every afternoon!. On the first day, we lepak sauna. Kekonon nak bakar more lemak, dgn berlagak tanpa menghiraukan amaran agar shower first, ahkak menonong masuk wet sauna. I nearly got heat stroke for staying in too long. Seriously, rasa nak pitam!
Dinner layan Maggie + kek ½ price at junior suite geng bapak org.

konon je duk hotel.. pakat makan maggie jek! tapi best giller.

On 2nd nite we braved the gerimis and lepak pasar Filipina. Shopping sikit2 and dinner time! Bapak org bargain harga ikan fresh to the max. Petua makan di pasar Filipina is, don’t ever take the pre cooked/on display item, you might end up in clinic begging for cb jab! Pilih the fresh seafood, confirm the price and let the chef grill them for you.

kecoh menawar.

menyerahkan garam kunyit!!

sabar menunggu + sesi menayang hasil tangkapan di pasar filipina heheh, perasan tak?

the aftermath

siapa kenal awek ini? punya la lama kerja dengan dia, masa kat KK tetiba she said 'eh Dd you dulu free hair, rambut curly2, duk blok D matrik kan' I was like.. eh, kita sama tempat ke? Hahaha, sama2 dok blok D ground floor!! Batch atas kita, married to one of the geng futsal batch senior, laki Zie sure kenal...

ps-Do you know that KK have 2 diff airports for mas and airasia? It said terminal 1 and 2 padahal terminal 2 itu jauh nun di Tg Aru while terminal 1 is the new airport! Apada.