Saturday, October 23, 2010

Greener Green

love it.
love it.
not the look, but the ability to see things clearer.
next time we meet up i might see your skin pore heheh yeah not funny.

okay la.. ngaku, love the look.
korang suka?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jalan-jalan (tak mo gi kerja) Kuala Selangor

When : Julai 27, 2010
Where : Pantai Remis, Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Bukit Melawati, Rest Kuan Hwa and Kedai Hasil Laut Lai Hin.
Who : 20 outlaws

Mr Nitzus; The mastermind, the planner, the everything just did it again, with style!. I love this guy for simply knowing how to make us happy. Just to let you know, he’s the one who introduced board games to the office. For every new games arrived which he bought using his own money, he will passionately assembles everything accordingly, then with pleasure, explains the rules and let colleagues play. This guy is also a source for anything from .bdrip to .dvdrip, from tear jerking melodramatic movies to action pack to sci-fi, from tv series to funny adverts, mind blowing photos and super cool video clips. You name it, if the cyber world had it, he will get it for you, FOC. Philanthropic!

Anyway, the itineraries were:
Gather/Breakfast @ Jln Duta

Stop @ Pantai Remis

Kuala Selangor Nature Park exploration.
Fee is RM4/person.

Groupies before tracking. Notice the individuality in dressing?

There are four clearly marked trails varying from 30 minutes to 80 minutes, youngsters like us mestilah chose the longest. I didn’t know that the trail is actually a walkable path that even a bus can get through. No wonder they dress annoyingly casual. grrr..

Map is available at every entry point. Nitzus showing the trails.

To get to the mangroves, there’s a brackish lake. The bund is a manmade embankment to keep water levels (a mix of seawater and river water) in the lake suitable for birds to feed and multiplying. For us, it becomes the trail and this means easy access to the mangroves. There are 3 viewing towers and birdwatching is perhaps the most exciting activity here. Do climb the tower because even without binoculars or long lens camera you can easily spot the birds from there.

the trail and the lake

Ye, gayat...

Layan gayat di tower 1, tetapi tetap nak panjat the next one!

Walking in the mangroves is easy as wooden boardwalks have been constructed and it leads right to the mudflats into the Straits of Malacca. We were lucky as it was low tide; tiny little creatures are easily spotted. Colorful crabs were running frantically into tiny hole in the mud, mudskippers were as huge as a fish and mollusks were everywhere. I strongly believe the mangrove is home to countless other living things, but for the untrained ear and eye like us, their presences were not indefinite. Thanks to the hiruk pikuk bersembang, stopid jokes, and jeritan manja. Well, highly anticipated when none is a seasoned walker. Eh, En Nitzus selalu masuk hutan kan?

spot the crabs! dan aksi photographer terlampau.

Menikmati Selat Melaka beramai-ramai.

Working in KL and having to face the crazy traffic on daily basis vs being here, breathing the damp salty air leaves me with a feeling of deep appreciation of nature’s abundance. KNSP is definitely worth a visit.

Bukit Melawati photography session:
supposedly with the monkeys, can u spot one?

best pose of all! Tukang amek gambar yang rajin melayan.

Seafood Crazy Lunch @ Rest Kuan Hwa

Shopping bekalan anak laki/bini @ Kedai Hasil Laut Lai Hin.

Fuh, we had a blast!!. Can’t wait for the next rendezvous!
Jeles tak? best kan opismates saya!! and oh, piccas semua ihsan empunya kamera. Terima kasih

Sunday, October 10, 2010

(Tak Perlu) Jalan-jalan Hari Keluarga 2010

Nama : Iman Ghazi Anwar
Taska : Berhadapan ,Blok 11 Jalan Duta
Tempat kerja Mummy : Tkt XX, Blok 11 Jalan Duta
Family Day Opis Mummy : Perkarangan, Blok 11 Jalan Duta
Tarikh : July 24, 2010

Dear Golongan Atasan,

I know we don’t have allocation for this activity, in fact we have none for anything fun. I know everybody is super busy (accept me) that they don’t have time for little diversion. I know we love our office so much and proud of everything relates to it: our parking lots, our lifts, our hall, our in-house band etc. I know, who doesn’t love fried mee hoon and infamous chicken rice right? Well, I know I pay little, so little that my lunch can easily be fancier. Emm I guess you know me.

Let me be frank here. 1stly, I felt embarrassed just to spill the news to my hubby knowing he will express his amusement in a so-not-funny way. Then, I had a hard time explaining to my son why we went to school on Saturday, why there will be no splashing in the pool or beach after that. Why Abah is not joining us because of the obvious reason. And I didn’t even bother to tell family members that we had family day, it was just ‘work’ during weekend.

Yeah, may be its just me. After working more +-10 bloody years here, I think I deserve someplace nicer for what you call ‘Family Day’, even if it means that I have to pay. Seriously, I am willing to pay!. And I strongly believe others will agree with me. How else to say thank you in a simplest way to your staff? To let us know that we are appreciated if not needed. Well, knowing the crowd we had, I know it’s not easy to satisfy everyone, but it’s pretty harmless asking. And you don’t even have to do the dirty job.

Apparently, many divisions have their own ‘proper’ and much satisfied family day (explained clearly why they didn’t bother to join this one). What does it mean then? Nak joli joli katak tanpa certain bosses? And my own division after much suara sumbang, already agreed to arrange another family day somewhere next year… yieeha for that. But then, I think this is not healthy. It’s like when the parents can’t provide, children will go on separate way. Oh well, well, why am I worried for things beyond my weight.

Emm apapun, I joined anyway, to give support to the AJKs. I respect them for putting their face up albeit the mess, the awful words received and the ridiculous tight budget to work with: big claps to you guys. And I felt so lucky that during my terms, we managed to go to Langkawi and Melaka, just to compare.

Iman layan Padang.

Tolong jaga anak gebus dan main teng teng.

What with all the bebelan Dd. Office Family Day is just old fashioned! Log on to AA and after few clicks you’re confirmed to travel anywhere you wish. That easy and that affordable kan. Yeah, I admit I’m old. Old enough to love and cherish convoy beramai-ramai to some destination, to imagine my son had a great time playing with kids his age, rebut gula-gula, baling2 bola while me sitting aside simply gossiping or admiring sipolan punya handbag, bini orang itu lawa, anak dia comel, sopannya keluarga itu..bla..bla..bla… I’m old fashioned, enough said.

PS – I got Pensonic blander. Bersyukur.. bersyukur….amin…amin…..