Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you Ayesha

When : 26 Sept 2011
Where: One World Hotel, KL
Agenda: Iman’s classmate 5th Bollywood Extravaganza Bithday Party 

One late afternoon, Iman gave me a CD of SRK and Priyanka (from what movie I have no idea) saying ‘Ayesha give me this CD, I want to watch’. Well I was not surprised as kids from SReader love to share things. Other than food (sweets, chocolate you name it) and stationeries, he also received stickers, cards, toys and even getah rambut (errkk). During my time, I did the same, but in those days I could only afford to share getah tempe, crafted perfumed soap (hasil kerastangan kelas lukisan) and handmade cards but only to girls la *senyum…*. Anyway, I just shoo him away: no-movie-during-weekday rule he himself known about.

The CD been neglected for few days till suddenly I felt the urge to watch it. It is actually an invitation to a birthday party that needs RSVP. The short video shows the birthday girl in beautiful sari walking gracefully on the red carpet waving to the hysterical fans like a real Bollywood star. Upon seeing the whole movie, the venue, the theme, oh no.. ni kalau Gebus tak join, later the kids sembang kat school sure dia sedih. I rsvped and instantly got reply from the mom saying ‘looking forward to see him’. Now mak fenin, what will my son wear and most importantly what should I get for the present? Chenta pesan ‘buy something nice..’
K.Ija was kind enough to lend Irfan’s concert costume, hehehe yes im being cheapo here. On the day itself I ran through few shops @1U looking for something nice and settled for 2 super girly bonita headbands on sale (buy 1 free 1). We reached quite early (on purpose as I don’t want to be seen) I thought I just drop Iman there and will pick him up at 6 (as stated in the cd). The daddy greeted me and insist me to STAY!. He said all parents will be joining the party!. Nooooo, I was wearing jeans and blouse and old scarf, so not bollywood!. Aduss… then one lady greeted me, politely asking me to put the present on the table di sana. I turned and rasa nak fitam…

backdrop from a famous movie scene, glimmering fabrics and beautiful center piece.
Early bird
Gebus fav xtvt. di belakang itu ketibaan keluarga Melind@ Oii. terus rasa nak lari....
 Upon seeing this adik yg smpoi pakai t and jeans i appoached her,
Ahkak: Dik, you ni family member ke team event management?
Adik : saya staff event management Kak. Ala Kak… akak masuk dalam, ambil gelang banyak2, pakai sampai siku… ok la tu…
Ahkak: *senyum kelat, cisssss…obvious sgt la daku ni dressing tak ikut theme*
Gebus with his teachers from SR Sri Hartamas
Pic by pro photographers, printed on the spot and kids got to decorate it! 
Beads counter : Gebus made me a bracelet.
The said gelang… 
sempat juga sua tangan buat hena. I took turn with Jonathan's mom.
Birthday girl di apit Jonathan and Gebus
 The food, they served Indian cuisine consisting of beryani, naan, malai kofta, samosas, tandoori to name few and dessert was superb.  

professional dance groups: anak sapa baring depan stage tu?
game shows. Gebus won 'statue dance' and we won 'standing together' hehe mak tak mo kalah…

 magic show. Ternganga-nganga kekanak.
he requests blue angry bird.
Gebus trying his luck hitting the pinata.
 Gebus had to tukar baju, seluar koyak sampai peha!. Tu la, bangraa tak berhenti!. 
Mazmin (Ayesha's mom) made an effort to talk to everybody in the party. Oh saya segan sangat... but we end up borak about school, how we never meet up before at school, or during concert/sports day and all. And it felt good to actually can say thank you and sorry for not dressing up for the party to the host myself.
cake cutting.
Finale: Bangra lambak beramai-ramai. again, anak sapa duk depan skali tu!
Thank you Ayesha and Mazmin for having us. The party was beyond superb! Hope the friendship remains. *Dlm hati imagine how Ayesha's wedding gonna be like.. emmmm*

psst..... this entry is specially dedicated to our first media appearance:) lariiiikkkkk.....


Anonymous said...

should show video of him bangra sakan!

Tukang Campak said...

Entry special utk muka terpampang di sokkabar mana ? Ni entry teaser la ye...

Aku pon terimagine, klu besday dah gitu rupe, wedding nanti haruslah make sure ko dress up gelang sampai siku...

ikan said...

Hi Anom, video banyak tapi tak larat nak upload hehhehe

Zie, tak de teaser2... mmg x de entry pon! unless tetiba rajin nak mengarang.

kalau wedding theme sama mmg ala mami jarum la aku... kalau theme beach wedding kat bali? awwww, harus mak beli flowy dress gitu....hehehehhe

idasm said...

mewahnya besday dia. bertuah ayesha. wedding sure lagi gempak. gebus byk ikut mu hang kan... comey n sweet.

ikan said...

Hi Ida, kalau tgk bapaknya, ramai kata sebijik muka bapak hehehe, but part comel n sweet tu ikut I kot huhahahhahaha.