Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jalan-jalan (malas kerja) Bukit Cherakah

When : 20 Julai 2011, hari rabu, 1½ minggu sebelum puasa
Who: the usual suspects with few new additions
Where: see the map below.

the route
 Pardon? cycling at Cherakah? Bring it on! *mode berlagak kekonon gue completed tour Langkawi and Perak yo!).
The itinerary (blankly copied from Nitzus’s email) jeles tak ada colleague mcm ni?: 
 09:00     Berlepas dari opis
09:45     Arrive parking area Bukit Cerakah (RM1 for each car)
09:50     Bayar RM3 utk entrance (maybe RM2 for swimming pool)
10:00     Bayar RM5 utk mountain bike rental for 1st hour (additional RM1 for each extra hour)
10:15     Berbasikal guna north route, along the way, boleh visit
12:00     Arrive Sg. Baru dam
·         picnic (brunch)
·         rest
·         backtracking route
01:00     Arrive swimming pool
·         mandi
·         kayuh (atau tolak) basikal balik guna west route
·         overall maybe 8 km kayuh basikal (flat, uphill, downhill route)
02:30     Proper lunch somewhere kat Shah Alam
04:30     Sampai opis
Muka happy kat parking lot.
bersama beskal pilihan hati.
 I thought it would be an easy cycling, but boy… ahkak dah tua dek non…pancit!. hinsh..hinsh… Dulu, bukit 45% tertonggek-tonggek kayuh konon tak mo tolak, tak gitu Cikgu Elina?. At the age of 36 I figured that pushing your bike is faster and less tiring than wasting those energies cycling up the hill on lower upper gear. But then again, the pushing only last about 10m or so. Blame the bag, yeah must be the bag. So I passed the battle to somebody else:).
berapa % bukit ni? can u see ada org tolak dua gerek? perrghhh...  

Ok, minus those uphill combats, the rest of the deals were awesome! Thrilling super fast ride downhill, steep cornering, cycling in the rain, hands off the handle bar… ahhh…felt like a kid teen again! Agak-agak geng NBC buat reunion kat sini ok tak?

 Major love was visiting Sg Baru Dam. It was originally functioned as a reservoir for Shah Alam residents. I didn’t see any kayak or Jet Ski so maybe waters sport are no no here. They had many fish cages merely meant for promoting recreational fishing activities or r&d la kot. We stayed here long enough pleasuring our lung breathing deep the damp cool revitalizing air and let our eyes feast the tranquil green of the forest. Ahhh…..nyaman sekalik!

hilang penat....
my fav from Zus
signbord ala-ala kangaroo in ausie hahahah
sorang je tak de dlm gambo ni....
   Splashing in the pool was equally fun although some prefer to just skodeng watch.

ni baru sampai...melayan fenat dlm gerimis. sila bayangkan semua didalam kolam:)
  The day ended at Hassan’s ayam kampong near stadium. Layankan aja… lapar. No doubt it was a very exhausted and tiring outing, but yeah…we want more!

Zus dan daging kerasnya..
*As usual, nice picas are from Zus! 


eline hamdan said...

lama tak test power kayuh gerek... cam tak bleh blah gaya menonggek (tolak beskal) naik bukit hahahahaha!!!

ikan said...

Eline, aku rasa kau masih power! Seriously! Ini berdasarkan size peha. Huhahaha.

Jan said...

How long was your bike ride?

Great that you had a good time.

And by the way, it's rare for North America to see headcovered muslim women cycling so freely.

We NEED more images of women doing this.